Weird! My Back and Computer Are Both Out!

Welcome Dear Readers!  I have good news and bad news.

First the Bad News

I was flabbergasted to turn on my computer this morning and find absolutely everything on it wiped away.  All my pictures, my documents, my bookmarks –well just everything (even the restore settings).  I’d be really upset about it, but frankly. . .

The Good News

I’m kinda glad.

True Confession Time 

I am a computer slob.  Day after day, as I write my posts, I’ll scan in stuff from the thrift store, or fool around with pictures in Publisher or fiddle with Word documents only to leave everything lying around on the floor of my desktop.  When things finally get unmanageable, I shove everything in a folder and label it miscellaneous.

My Husband, 37, Isn’t Speaking to Me at the Moment

Naturally when I first turned on my computer this morning and found everything eerily “clean”  and an old computer screen greeting me that I haven’t seen since 2009, I knew something was terribly wrong.  Then I remembered 37 turned off my computer last night!  Which meant I had someone to blame!  Wonderful!

I just called 37 at the office a minute ago and the conversation when like this:

37:  Hello

Me:  Did you turn off the computer last night?

37:  Yes why?

Me:  How did you turn it off, using the mouse or using the button?  (37  knew what I was talking about because we often use cutting-edge computer terms such as this.)

37:  Using the mouse.

Me.  Everything is gone.

37:  What?

Me:  Everything is gone. (I had a lot of fun being dramatic about it, btw.)

37:  You got a virus! We’ll have to take the hard drive in! (In where he didn’t say.)

Me:  Oh no!  We’re getting a new computer!

37:  Oh no we’re not!

Me:  Oh yes we are!

37:  Oh yes we are!

Me:  Oh no we’re not!

37:  I’m hanging up now.

Me:  Oh yes you are!

Maybe I’ll try calling 37 back right now.

Only we won’t tell him that I am writing everything down he says in this post! Want to? Okay here goes:

37:  Hello (hey he’s still speaking to me!)

Me:  I want a new computer.

37:  Why are you laughing?

Me:  No reason.  Why can’t we get a new computer?

37:  There’s nothing wrong with the computer we have! We’ll just have to back everything up.

Me:  We have Carbonite and everything is backed up.  Besides there’s nothing left on the computer to back up. (I got all dramatic again, Dear Reader –just for your benefit.)

37:  You better go check.

Me:  Check what?

37:  I don’t know.  I have to work all week-end by the way.

Okay, well, that wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.  Anyway, let’s scan a picture now and see if the scanner still works, ready?

Let's use this one.  Let's call her Computer Virus Girl.  Let's make up a poem about her.
Hey it worked! Let’s call her Computer Virus Girl. Let’s make up a poem about her.

There once was a computer virus Lady

She’s always game to be pretty shady . . . ouch!! ow!! ouch!!

I’m sorry Dear Readers, you’ll have to excuse me but in the middle of this poem I got up to go get a banana, and I am not kidding you.  I put my back out!!  (Just as well.  The poem wasn’t going very well anyway.)

Now, I’ll have to make an appointment at urgent care!  I’d wonder if they’d mind taking a look at my computer too . . .

Anyway, wish me luck!

Until next time . . . I love you
























36 thoughts on “Weird! My Back and Computer Are Both Out!

    • I think you just hit the nail on the head Ronnie. Because this happened to me one other time where my computer and my back when out at the same time — which makes me think I might be spending a tad too much time with my computer! (and vice versa)

  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or not, you make it so funny, but it’s probably not. For future reference, maybe you should stick to one bite of an apple rather than reaching for the stars with a banana. You know what they say about apples and docs…even if most of it end up in the toilet. I hope you and your computer feel better soon!

  2. Oh Linda…. I can’t tell whether you’re really taking it as well as you seem to be or not… I’d go crazy… wait I already am crazy…. I recently had a virus in mine and it wasn’t fun clearing it up.. anyway hope your back improves and enjoy your new computer…. Diane

    • Well, about 3 months ago I signed up for Carbonite and it automatically backs up everything on your computer everyday, so all my pictures and videos are safe! And it’s really weird because now my computer is working way better. This is the best virus I’ve ever gotten!

      It is weird though because last time I got a virus my back went out! I just got back from urgent care with some medication, so hopefully it will be feeling better real soon. And wouldn’t you know on Monday I’m going on the train to visit my daughter and grandson. I’m keeping my fingers crossed my back will be better by then!

  3. Well I can’t stop laughing at his post!! 37 really isn’t helpful and all your calls made him decide to work over the weekend too.

    I hope your doctor visit helped your back today. Who would have know getting up to eat a banana is as dangerous as slipping on a banana peel (but much less zany).

    I hope your back is back to being backy by your visit on Monday!!

    • Ahahah! He did laugh pretty hard when he came home and read what he said.

      You know what’s really weird is that when I turned on my computer this morning, everything was back exactly as it should be like nothing ever happened. And all the pictures are back in the picture file EXCEPT the lady I scanned yesterday and who is still showing up in this post as proof that it really did happen! She’s like the balloons in Peggy Sue Got Married.

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