Nothing Going Yawn In Science

Flipping through my husband, 37’s Scientific American, this quote popped out at me (I don’t think it was trying to hurt me . . .  just overly excited):

“We could be sitting in the midst of a “Galaxy-Wide Web’ of alien chatter, which to us would appear like noise.”  — Grant Hallman Huntsville, Ontario

Grant Hollman, Scientific American Letter to the Editor Writer

SETI  — not a very good acronym for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — is trying to discover an extraterrestrial civilization outside our solar system —  right this very minute — by listening with all their might for non-natural radio emissions. So far their findings are zilch.

A picture of zilch (ignore kitty)

But now, we find out that Grant Hallman of Huntsville Ontario,whose credentials are that his letter to the editor was published in Scientific American — thinks that aliens could be chattering away at us right this very minute– blabbing all kinds of juicy secrets, but to us humans it sounds like just your regular, ordinary, household noise, see.

Well thanks a heap Grant! Like we weren’t confused enough already!

Frankly, I think the only reason the Scientists at Seti haven’t heard any alien messages is because — just between you, me and the aliens — I don’t think Scientists, as a whole, are very good listeners.

I mean have you ever seen a scientist on the Science Channel listening?  I haven’t.  They’re always blubbering on about  how we are all made of star stuff (they just can’t get over it!) or blathering about black holes (They’re Black!  They’re Holes!  They’re Black Holes!) or whining about how the sun’s going to burn out someday. (The sun’s going to burn out someday! And they just can’t wait!)

So now we find out, according to Grant’s letter to the editor of Scientific American, the aliens have been talking to us all this time through “noise”  and we didn’t even notice it.  LOL!

All we have to do now is figure out what the aliens are trying to tell us by virtue of random noises such as horns blaring, kitties meowing and balloons popping, and we’ll be just that much further ahead as a civilization as a whole!

Plus, it will give the Science Channel something new to talk about.

YAY! Noise! Finally a new topic!

Until next time . . . I love you

26 thoughts on “Nothing Going Yawn In Science

  1. Hi,
    Wow a new topic for science of space, I wonder if the aliens know we are on to them now, they’re most likely protesting or laughing we just don’t know it. 😀
    I refuse to ignore kitty, kitty is just way too cute.

  2. Dang, Linda, way to shine. Really good writing. Loved the black holes. Well, don’t love them. I mean they’re holes filled with emptiness, so, what’s to love. Actually, I guess this is just alien noise. Nevermind. HF

  3. Haha! I think my next career is going to be, “Scientist,” either that or weather predictor since neither one seems to be held to any standard.

    Wait…shhh, I think I just heard something! Oh sorry, it sounded like alien chatter but it was just my son in the other room.

    • Oh I know what you mean, Lisa. If your next career’s between a scientist or a weather predictor, I think you should be the person for who goes outside and tells what it “feels like” I always thought that was so funny. Like if it’s 48 but it “feels like” 42. I always wonder to whom does it feel like 42 and are they wearing a coat or bikini or what? Oh and tell you son hi from me! (if indeed it really is your son, bwahahaha) 😀

    • Lorre, my gosh you read so many posts of mine today. I’m so flattered! Oh wouldn’t it be fun to get to suggest topics for magazines like Scientific American? And even more fun if they had to use them! Oh boy, in my next life I want to live in THAT universe!

      • I’ve been slack for so long. I need to do some catching up. You should suggest some off the wall stuff. Maybe it would catch on?

  4. Very cute (-;

    The point of my letter to Sci.Am was not that aliens were trying to talk with *us*, rather that if we overheard one alien talking to another, it would probably sound like random noise to us. And the sky is full of random noise, all over the spectrum. Basically SETI should not conclude that lack of evidence for alien chatter is evidence of a lack of aliens. Or evidence *of* aliens.

    I don’t know what “credentials” one could have on this topic, but over a long IT career i’ve worked on several systems that involve audio compression algorithms (mp3 is an example of compression). One of the other developers once pointed out that if a compressed signal had visible patterns, it wasn’t compressed enough, i.e. a perfectly compressed signal would look perfectly random, unless one had the decompression app. Which made me think of SETI.

    I could offer to supply a more lifelike image, but i don’t see how to do that here, and besides i think your stick-drawing is kinda cute.

    grant hallman, B.Sc., Ph.D.

    • Mr. Hallman, big fan of Ironstar. When is your next book coming out? I’m so tired of all the crappy sci-fi books being published on kindle.

  5. You might consider “good behavior”, i hear that helps people finish their sentences… 😉

    Glad to hear you liked IronStar. The sequel – “IronStar Sovereignty” – picks up a few months later, when ‘da judge’ arrives, i.e. a Civilium scrutineer, to rule on who owns the planer Sho’ito. It’s about 25% completed, and i just retired (again!), so i hope to get some quality time with Kirrah, Irshe et al, this summer/fall. Watch for something by end of this year.

    Speaking of a sequel, I’m also looking for test readers. Note, this is an actual (volunteer) job, not just a sneak preview – so anyone with good grammar, an eye for detail, and too much time on their hands, who’s willing to give detailed feedback on an unfinished story, please contact me.

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