A Little Friday Fun With Al Gore!

Hello Dear Readers!  Well, we made it through another breakneck week in the wild, wild blogosphere! 

It wasn’t easy.  Different combinations of the alphabet were flying at us from all directions.  We had to carefully navigate through a sea of punctuation, while at the same time, we had to keep from getting pierced by some really good points!  But, of course, there’s nothing us Jolly Bloggers like better!

So here’s a little Friday Fun I hope you’ll enjoy!  It was brought to you by none other than:

Our Beloved Al

Until next time  . . .  I love you

19 thoughts on “A Little Friday Fun With Al Gore!

    • Good idea. It could be entitled: If only Our Earth Could Chill with Funyuns Like Al Gore Chills with Funyuns!
      But it’s a little wordy and not very cool — hey just like Al!

  1. Al is just trying to save the planet from all that doughnut confection by eating each and every doughnut he sees. The PROOF is in the pudding…I mean his stomach…Sorry!!!

  2. Al looks more animated AFTER his gorge funyons. There must be some magic ingredient like hydronated personality fats which cause him to smile and use hand gestures.

  3. LOL!!! Please tell me that you’ve heard Al Gore is blaming Obama’s poor debate performance on the Denver altitude. hahaha! When I heard him explaining his theory, I almost fell on the floor I was laughing so hard. Of course I was thinking of you! The only thing missing was the Funyons. Eight bags of Funyons later and Al Gore is slowly becoming his own arctic land mass. Soon the polar bears will have a place to live! YAY!!

    • OMG Lisa! You’re making my eyes water and it’s not just because I’m looking at Al’s newly acquired Arctic Mass! LOL!! And this new fatter picture of Al was in The Daily Mail Online along with his explanation of how Obama was suffering from altitude sickness. Maybe Al’s theory is that Romney has been cloned by GOP to be able to form sentences at higher altitudes than Obama and then the debate was rigged so that it would be held in DENVER! Genius!! That sounds like a plan hatched by the G-Man himself!!

  4. Ho, ho, ho, and double-triple-quadruple-ho!!!!

    How’s he ever gonna fit down the chimney this year????

    He dun want no steenking milk and cookies– he want beer and Funyuns!!

    That is, without doubt, the funniest and truest math lesson ever sprung on a grateful, howling, crying with laughter public!!

    Pure genius, and I’m so sorry I’m late getting here to say so. Maybe Obama can make him Secretary of Empty Calories, and he can eat his way thru the Federal Funyun Reserve!!! : )

    Incredibly funny post!!

    • Oh Mark, I’m so glad you enjoyed this little (semi-little) romp with our beloved Al. I love the idea of making him the Secretary of Empty Calories! LOL!! And he could also be the White House Santa, but you’re right, poor Al will never fit through the chimney. He’s definitely going to have to come in through the front door. (Maybe he’ll even have to be wheeled in by Christmas) I’m just waiting for the White House Gift Shop to put the Al Gore commemorative Mummu’s on the shelves. Featuring Al and his beloved Funyuns!

      And thank you so much, Mark, for your always supportive and wonderfully mirthful comments! 😀

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