How to Be Healthy

Welcome Dear Readers to another video I made.  Today I thought it would be fun to browse through Women’s Health Magazine. 


Until next time . . . I love you

14 thoughts on “How to Be Healthy

  1. Linda, I may go buy this magazine just for pictures who can kick really high. But I feel like I’m going to be very disappointed if after reading the magazine I don’t actually look like anyone in it. Please tell me hope is not lost!

    By the way, you’re hilarious.

  2. The Men’s Health Mag works on the same principal Linda. I’ve been reading it for years and I look like every guy in it in fact the mag wants me as their poster boy for future editions. So the next Women’s Heath edition I expect to see you gracing the front cover in your best workout gear…..can’t wait….

    • Ha! I thought the guy on the cover of the last Men’s Health magazine looked just like you and I was right! I knew it! I read the whole Women’s Health magazine and now I’m just sitting here waiting for the photographers to show up for my front-cover shoot. So far they haven’t shown up though. If you need me I’ll be outside checking to see if my doorbell still works.

      • Those photographers can be so unreliable. I waited weeks, cost a fortune in bribes and what have you plus the cost of Photoshop is out of this world though having seen you I’m sure a little touch up here and there and you’ll look spectacular. I’ll keep an eye out for you in my local newsagent.

        • Hahaha! I forgot about the cost of photoshopping! Well, now I’m glad the photographers are late, it will give me time to earn so extra money. If you need me I’ll be out setting up a lemonade stand.

  3. Well I went to go buy that magazine but all I could find was Martha Stewart living. I finished reading it and now my voice has dropped three octaves and I just made the most fabulous paper chandelier. I guess turning into Martha was better than the alternative- men’s health.

  4. Hahaha! Well just as long as the next comment you leave isn’t from prison I guess I can get used to your new three-octaves lower voice. (Maybe you could pose for Men’s Health now)

  5. Wow, wow, wow!! Speaking of “Who knew??”– Linda Vernon videos!!!! Just when you thought this blog couldn’t possibly get any totally hipper, more out there, or cutting edgy– video!! With the extremely personable and always mischievous Linda Vernon!! I mean– who knew??

    I especially liked the coupon part– because I hate them!! Whenever I’m at the dentist’s, waiting to have all that nasty Onyums residue scraped off my teeth, I always remove all the coupons from the magazines and leave them scattered around my chair. That way, others can see them, send them in, get more magazines with coupons, and get healthy!! Play it forward, as the janitor said to the apple core and the cigarette butts… : )

    Hope you’re well, Linda!– do excuse my long absence! Great to see you in action, and I hope your new year’s off to a very happy start! : )

    • Oh Mr. McGiggles! It is so wonderful to see your smiling face around these here parts! I know what you mean about those coupons! If you even think about opening a magazine they have all been trained to jump out at you and if you don’t read them they fall all over the floor and if you don’t pick them up, they follow you home! I’m so glad you liked my little venture into the world of videos. I must say they are a lot of fun to do. I hope to see one on your blog very soon. Maybe you could give us all some drawing lessons! Thanks for coming by Mark!! Take care and I hope you are having a wonderful 2017 thus far!!!

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