The Adventures of Roger the Baby

Today:  Roger’s Teeny Communication Foible

“I need your advice, Roger.” I remarked to my three-month-old baby, Roger.

“Wait until I’m through drooling.” Roger replied evenly.

“I’m hiring a babysitter.”

“Nancy, listen . . . “

“Don’t call me Nancy, Roger. Call me Mother, Roger, remember?”

“You mean you want me to call you Mother Roger Remember, Mother?”

“Oh Roger!  Your linguistics are appalling!”

“Perhaps, but no babysitter, huh?  I’ll just nap.”

“I’m acquiescing but reluctantly, Roger.”

“Oh and bring home a rattle, Nancy.”

“You mean bring home a rattle, Mother, Roger!”

“Fine! Bring home a rattle mother roger too, if you must then, Nancy.”

Roger and his mother, Nancy
Roger and his mother, Nancy

Until next time . . . I love you

4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Roger the Baby

  1. Or …. Nancy could have her first name legally changed to “Mother” (without the quote marks), then everyone will be happy. Well, maybe not Mr. Crabby Appleton – he was never happy, no matter what Tom Terrific did.
    As they say, if you want to break some eggs, you have to make omelets.

  2. Weeping helpless tears!! I haven’t cried this hard since I got my head stuck in an Onyums bag. I think it was “I’m acquiescing but reluctantly” that did it. No wait, it was the cartoon with the wonderful word balloons and Nancy preparing to use Roger as a wishbone– say g’bye, Roger Baby!! Exquisite, my dear enchantingly deranged Linda!!!! 😂😂😂👍🏆

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