A Visit from The Math Lady!

Hello Dear Readers!  After much  coaxing, congealing, and coagulating I am happy to report that I have finally managed to talk  The Math Lady into stopping by for a visit.

The Math Lady

She has agreed to help us sharpen our math skills by presenting us with a few story problems.  The Math Lady would like us to pick up our pencils now and answer the following problems to the best of our abilities:

Wendy, Jennifer and their friends Enrique, Adonis and Fred are going camping for a week in the Grand Canyon. Enrique is bringing along his pet pig, Howard because Enrique doesn’t care much for Wendy, Jennifer or Adonis.   Adonis is bringing his goat, Peppy, and his chicken, Victoria.  Peppy and Victoria are best friends with Fred, Adonis, and Wendy, but Jennifer and Howard think they are annoying. (By the way has anybody seen Enrique?)  Fred is bringing his duck, George, who isn’t anybody’s best friend due to a rough childhood.  How many friends are going camping for a week in the Grand Canyon?

A)  Chocolate Pudding

B) One million trillion billion

C) Yes

D) Hey wait!  Has anybody seen Enrique?

Wendy, Jennifer and their friends with benefits Adonis and Fred have been camping for a week in the Grand Canyon.  Last night while they were all sitting around the campfire, they saw Enrique who weighs 172 pounds fall into the Grand Canyon at a velocity of 150 mph.  The backpack he was wearing weighed 28 pounds before he drank the 17 cans of beer contained inside.  Each can weighs 13 ounces when full but only 1 ounce when empty. If the wind velocity was 17 mph, how long did it take Enrique to reach the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

A) Chocolate pudding

B) One billion trillion million

C) Yes

D) Hey wait!  Has anybody seen Enrique?

After their week in the Grand Canyon, Wendy and Jennifer are each pregnant with triplets.  Their doctor says they can only gain 40 pounds each.  If Jennifer and Wendy eat one pig named Howard, one goat named Peppy, one chicken named Victoria and one duck named George for a combined calorie intake of 150,328 calories.  How many pounds will Wendy and Jennifer weigh when they arrive at the delivery room at 3:52 p.m. Eastern Standard Time?

A) Chocolate pudding

B) One trillion billion million

C) Yes

D) Hey wait!  Has anybody seen Fred and Adonis?

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  The Math Lady sincerely hopes these story problems have been helpful to you mathematically.  Oh, and if you answered A, B C or D to any of the above, please stay after class as The Math Lady would like to have a word with you. Good luck with that.

Until Next time . . . I love you

6 thoughts on “A Visit from The Math Lady!

  1. How late after class would The Math Lady let me stay ? Would she answer my four questions ?
    A) What is her favorite dessert ?
    B) How many helpings would she like ?
    C) What is an antonym for “no” ?
    D) What is her favorite dessert made from ?

    • Her favorite dessert is corn. She’ll give you a helping and eat the rest. She doesn’t know much about “words” as such. (Unless they are in a story problem). She said to tell you her favorite dessert is made out of sand. (She can’t spell either).

      • Ah, yes … Sahara Sherbet, the desert dessert. Just the mention of its name makes my mouth water. And my eyes sting. And my scorpions sting, too. Goes well with a very dry wine. Or maybe just the opposite. Best to order both, just to be sure.

  2. I’m crying one billion trillion million happy tears into my sloppy chocolate pudding– and that’s just from gazing upon the exquisitely beautiful ML sketch– ecstatsy!! ❤️

    Hey, has anybody seen Al Gore?? There’s a big skid mark at the top of the cliff next to the empty and very greasy Onyun bag… 👍😂

    • Hahaha! You know now that I think about it I haven’t seen Al Gore lately. Not since Trump became president! Wait a minute. . . Has anyone ever seen Al Gore and Donald Trump together in the same room? Hmmm. . . Funyun for thought .. .

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