Flipping Through A 1953 Magazine

Welcome to Friday, Dear Readers!  And on Fridays this blog takes some time off  from goofing off to pursue more leisurely pursuits like flipping through old magazines.

And to that end, here’s a magazine from 1953 I found stuck between two cookbooks at the Thrift store yesterday:

Isn't it wonderful?
Isn’t it wonderful?

Come on, let’s look inside:

Is it just me or is this little guy wearing a saucer on his head?

1953 Heinz Baby Food ad
The aliens have landed and you’ll never guess where!

This says:  “Every Woman is Beautiful Thru Pregnancy”

Uh . . . not in this outfit she isn’t.

1953 magazine humorous commentary, Linda Vernon Humor
Gosh! When did my hair get so ugly.

The note at the top of this page says: Painted for the Green Giant Company by Norman Rockwell.

Just think! In 1953 you could still hire Norman Rockwell to illustrate your ad!

 1953 Green Giant Norman Rockwell Ad

Uh . . . judging from the color of their complexions, I think it might be a good idea for them to lay off the Libby’s Tomato Juice for a while.

1953 Magazine humorous commentary Linda Vernon Humor
“Mommy, do you think we’ll ever eat anything but tomato juice again?”
“Of course not, darling, why would we?” “Mommy, do you think we’ll ever stop dressing like twins?”
“Of course not, darling, why would we?

Something in me longs for the days when gunning down Mother if she didn’t fix her children a snack of canned meat that had been “deviled”  was considered wholesome fun!

1953 Ad for Underwod Deviled Ham
Haha! Now be sure not to riddle me with bullets until after I’ve prepared your snack, you little rascals!”

While big brothers are chasing little sister (who has a a 35-year-old woman’s face) so that they can lasso her around her neck (good luck with finding her neck),  the important thing here is that they won’t scuff the floors thanks to Simoniz self-polishing floor wax!

1953 magazine humorous commentary Linda Vernon Humor
My mother had a stove just like the one in the background.

Well, Dear Readers, my scanning elbow is starting to act up again so we’ll quit for today, but I hope you enjoyed this little romp back to 1953!

Until next time . . . I love you

33 thoughts on “Flipping Through A 1953 Magazine

  1. I am sorry, but I will be damned if I ever have a deviled ham-cream cheese-mayonnaise-and-peanut butter sandwich. I have to wonder how children of the 50’s ever survived to adulthood.

    • That is so true! Especially before they had antibiotics! And the polio vaccination. I can remember drinking the polio vaccination. It tasted pretty good actually. But I went to school with several kids my age who had to wear braces because they got polio — and just a few years before they came out with the vaccine.

  2. Honestly, the overuse of Libbys Tomato Juice is appalling.
    don’t people know that if children are dipped in it more than twice a week, they’ll look like 40s children?
    50s mom should be shamed of herself.

  3. Looking good thru your pregnancy…and apparently checking the condition of you bald spot.

    I think I’m going to get Henry that flying saucer hat. Maybe aliens can help round out his flat head.

    • Ahahah! I forgot about bald spots! And yes a hat like that might just do the trick for Henry’s head. Only you could make it out of foil to keep the aliens from communicating with him and kill two birds with one stone!

  4. This sounds like the same magazine that promoted the wife to ‘look nice’ for her husband when he returned from work. This after wrestling with the babies all day, feeding and cleaning up the mess they continuously made every minute.
    The good old days. Thanks Linda for reminding me why the modern age has so much more to offer.

    • Ha! So glad you liked it. It’s funny how quickly everything changes. But I guess it was 60 years ago at that! (Funny how quickly time passes!) So glad you enjoyed this Bluejellybeans! 😀

    • Oh Borgia, I will never reveal who Norman Rockwell is and I will take the secret to my grave (but leave it in an unmarked paper bag underneath my gravestone just in case you’re still curious! 😀

  5. In 1953, I was six years old. I LOVED learning to read, and spent a lot of time looking through Mom’s magazines. Would you believe–I remember some of these ads! I’m so impressed with myself 🙂

    • Oh that is so funny. They must have really made an impression on your young mind! I remember my mother cutting out the McCall’s paper dolls for me. They were so hard to play with though because they were so limp! 😀

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