Happy Wed-fri-nesday!

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to Wed-Fri-nesday.  I decided to make up a new day of the week because 1) it’s high time somebody did 2) the Friday Fictioneer 100-word writing challenge starts on Wednesday.

Every Wedfrinesday, Rochell Wisoff-Fields, provides a weekly picture prompt, and writers are challenged to write a 100-word story. Go here if you want to join in:  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Addicted to Purple Blog and you should!  Why?  Well, what better way to celebrate the very first Wedfrinesday?

Aqueduct -Sarah Ann Hall
Copyright Sarah Hall

The Doing, the Undoing and the Redoing of Sean

Sean squished a spider crawling on his prized lawn trophy with his half-emptied whiskey bottle; congratulating himself in one instant, and disgusting himself in the next – with just how low he had sunk, accomplishment-wise.

When he was riding high with two consecutive wins at the Lawnmower Blade Sharpening British Open, the money and the fame had gone to Sean’s head.

His wife left, his kids left, his dog left, and even his goldfish . . . wait . . . no!  He still had his goldfish!

Sean straightened his tie, picked up his goldfish bowl and headed into the future.

P.S. This story came in at exactly 100 words not counting the title and the 1,000 words the picture tells.

Until next time . . . I love you