Peculiar Poetry: An Annoying Visit From the Muse



The Muse unused

marched into my dream last night

Standing there in leotard and tight

Lit up and fully boozed

The Muse pulled out a kiteLinda Vernon Humor Horrible Art


I snoozed enthused

The Muse released the kite to flight

And held the string so very tight

No blood therein could be diffused

Its knuckles turned to lily white


I perused bemused

Its fist was like a candle light

I couldn’t sleep (it was too bright)

With this, the Muse was quite amused

(I blew it up with dynamite)


Until next time . . . I love you

18 thoughts on “Peculiar Poetry: An Annoying Visit From the Muse

    • It is a rap song. I was wondering what the heck it was. Now I’m going to have to look up Cool Moe Dee. — Okay I just checked him out. I had no idea I was so cool.

  1. The Muse, The Muse, he was enthused
    Ms. Vernon, tho, was not amused
    And so it was she lit the fuse
    And Mr. Muse, he was diffused!
    (I guess his visit was refused.)

    Epic, my dear Linda, truly epic– and so was your wunnaful white-knuckled drawing!!! : )

    • What? The fuse could be diffused? Who knewsd?
      (I bet Tom Cruised)

      And thank you Markie Macgiggles for your epic comment! 😀 Wait . . . did you hear those moos? Uh oh –I think I forgot to milk the cows again . . .now where did I put my shoes . . .

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