100 Words for Friday Fictioneers

Welcome Readers and Writers!  Come in!  Grab a handful of letters  from Linda’s Big Bowl 0′ Letters and a big glass of Tang and let’s have fun Blogger Style by making a 100-word story out of them for Friday Fictioneers.  

Then we’ll  link it up at Friday Fiction Headquarters, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields- Adicted to Purple.  

Oh and don’t worry about spilling any Tang on Rochelle’s carpet,  I’m bringing my cyberdog, Constantinople; he’ll lick up anything. (And Rochelle will never even know! Ha!) 

Here’s this week’s Friday Fictioneers’ story prompt picture!

Copyright – EL Appleby
Copyright – EL Appleby

Trouble with An Aging Parent

“Dad!  Look at this mess! The DNA beakers got all jumbled up in that last storm!”

“Keep your robe on, Shem.  I’ll sort them out later.”

“But, Dad, you shouldn’t have just set the beakers so haphazardly on the shelf like that!  They’re breakable for heaven’s sakes!”

“What do I know from beakers?  Besides my arthritis was killing me, oy!”

“Dad, what did Japheth and I keep telling you over and over, huh?  That you were too old to build that ark by yourself, didn’t we?”

 “Nonsense Shem!  I’m 600 years young!”

“And now your arthritis is acting up again, Dad.  Happy?”


Until next time . . . I love you

46 thoughts on “100 Words for Friday Fictioneers

  1. Somehow, I’m thinking little Gregory wrote this story after Sunday School, Linda. Too bad Noah didn’t mix a little unicorn DNA in with the rest.

    • Hahah! You’re right Russell! Gregory ran away with my keyboard and when he gave it back it was too late. He had already pushed publish. And it is too bad about the Unicorn DNA — I can’t think of a single animal that wouldn’t be improved with the addition of a unicorn horn! 😀

  2. Linda, well that explains this, feeling confused by this photo! Those darn beakers can be a little unsteady, that and a little arthritis. Big oops, huh? (This is going to be an interesting one!)

    • Oh that’s interesting Patrick. I find that happens a lot. I’ll be thinking about something and the next day somebody will have blogged about it. 😀

  3. Ah Brilliant! My favourite flash so far, cleverly entwining the Biblical tale with a mix of science (which is so brave as Science and Religion have never been the best of friends!) and creating the back story of this wonderful creature. Then I guess the next step for Noah would be creating a clone!

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