The Dammit Brothers Funeral Chapel Survey

Welcome Dear Readers.  I have a confession to make.  Everyday I’ve got about one productive hour in me, everything else is mulling. 

And because I’m so lazy, I’ve only got one item on my bucket list: death (the letter ‘d’ actually but I’ll remember).

Unfortunately, I’m at an age where if I died and somebody read about it in the newspaper instead remarking, “oh how sad,” they’d just say, “well she was getting up there.”

So I wasn’t surprised when this offer came in my mailbox from the Dammit Brothers Funeral Chapel for “My Final Wishes Organizer” . . . Absolutely free!

My Final Wishes Organizer
And all I have to do is answer the Dammit Brothers Funeral Chapel’s short, tiny, little two-page survey and then what? I get my Final Wishes Organizer, that’s what!

So here’s my answers to the Dammit Brothers Funeral Chapel Survey, which I’ve taken the liberty of tweaking just a little bit to make it more enjoyable in an attempt to make it up to myself for having such a sucky bucket list.

Dammit Brothers Funeral Chapel Survey

How much do you expect to pay for your funeral?  0-$2000, $2,000-$4,000, $4,000-$6,000, $6,000 – $8,000, $8,000-$10,000? Or over $10,000.

I’m not paying anything.  Why else would I be dying?

Is there an honorably discharged veteran in your household?  If not please explain.

Does unhonorably count?  Because sometimes I hear someone ripping cardboard and smell the odor of Mark-a-Lot drifting through the air in the middle of the night and every once in a while I come upon a shopping cart in the living room, but, you know what?  I’m still going to say no.

If so, was it within the last 12 months?  The last 12-24 months?  Or over 2 years ago?

I said no Dammit!  Brothers!

Does your family have life insurance that is allocated for funeral arrangements in the event of your death?

They haven’t said anything about it. I think it’s a surprise.

If you have given thought to this subject which burial would you choose for yourself  —  burial or cremation? 

I don’t know, I keep waffling.  Is waffling an option?

Would you be willing to pay $500 extra to have the Brooklyn Bridge renamed after you once you’re, you know  . . . ?

You mean once I’m dead?

Yeah that.

I guess.

Are you sure there’s not a discharged Veteran in your household? Did you look under the bed?

Dammit Dammit Brothers!  NO!

Are your loved ones and family members aware of what you desire for your own arrangements?

Of course.  They know I love Burger King and felt what else do they need to know?

How important to you, personally, is the location of the funeral home?

It’s important to me personally that it be located right next to a Burger King or a store that sells felt.

Are you absolutely certain you don’t have a veteran in your household?

You know what?  I’m getting pretty tired of your stupid survey, Dammit Brothers.

Okay,  but we hope you know that by getting tired of our stupid survey you’re forfeiting your “My Final Wishes Organizer” . . . Absolutely Free! 

But will I still get the Brooklyn Bridge named after me?

Only if you send The Dammit Brothers Funeral Chapel a cashiers check for $500 made out to the Dammit Brothers.


Do you promise? Cross your heart? Hope to die? Stick a needle in your eye?

That depends.  How much are the needles?

$7.50 a piece.

How about two for a dollar.

Mmmm . . . Okay sure.

Will you throw in a “My Final Wishes Organizer” too?

We’ll have to go talk to our supervisor.  Wait here . . . 

Well, Dear Readers, it looks like negotiations are going to be going on for a while  so you might as well sneak out for lunch.  Hey if you happen to be going by a Burger King . . . well no never mind, I’ve got a bag of peanuts in my felt purse.  Wish me luck!

Until next time . . . I love you