The AARP / AAA Smackdown for Little Ol’ Moi

Gosh! I haven’t been this popular since I was in the eighth grade and three boys liked me at the same time.  But that magical time of youth was nothing compared to the fuss AARP and AAA are making over me. It’s enough to make a girl blush into a coma! LOL (laughing out loud)

And all because I’m so alluring (ly old).

Today it’s AAA that’s come a-courting.  For instance, this tender love letter  arrived only moments ago by special dispatch because, ahem . . . there’s not a minute to lose:

Now that’s exactly what I was thinking on the way to my mailbox . . .  I was literally thinking if only someone, somewhere would just give an old, sick, poor loser such as myself one last chance . . . well, I just figured it was just some kind of OFFOM! (old-fogey fantasy of mine)

And then when I proceeded to read:

“Or you may want to wipe out any outstanding debts after your passsing or relieve your family from the expense of a funeral.”

Well, doggone it, my heart melted, AAA! (American Automobile Association!)

You are so Frigging Sweet!  You mean to tell me you want to wipe out my debts after my passing?  You are soooo adorable OMG ! (oh my god!)

One small question though– you don’t say after passing what?  Do you mean after passing the bar exam or something because I’ve never been to law school — you must be getting me mixed up with someone else. ROFBAHL  (rolling on floor breaking a hip laughing!)

Anyway, I’m delighted that you want to relieve my family from the expense of a funeral and that’s great and all, but we don’t normally go around paying for random people’s funerals so I’m a little confused MBTA! (must be the alzheimers!)

But wait a minute.   Are you being ironic on purpose AAA?  Because didn’t you just imply that any minute now I could KTB? (kick the bucket?)  Oh I get it, you’re just messing with my SM!  (senile mind!)

SILLY AAA! (silly american automobile association!)

PS. I so frigging love you right now I can’t even say!


Until next time . . . I love you

24 thoughts on “The AARP / AAA Smackdown for Little Ol’ Moi

  1. My husband and I were so laughing…not ROFBAHL…we’re too out of shape…but every time that AARP or subsidiary..using their endorsement comes on TV we just marvel at all they offer to people…why it almost makes one want to hurry on and ‘pass’ lol…Diane

    • LOL Diane! They are just so tickled about all they offer in the way of “passing”! It’s a wonder they don’t have operators standing by just in case you . . . you know what!! 😀 PS. So glad you gys didn’t break a hip! LOL

  2. Glad you were laughing while you broke the hip. Laughter is the best medicine.
    You should see if they provide a clown for the funeral to cheer everyone else up too!

  3. I like the “you get plenty of time” as if AAA is so kind as to dole out the appropriate amount that you may need in order to make this ever-so-important decision.

    You actually had me LOLing in my office with today’s post. Thanks for the giggles!

    • Haha! I love that piece! And AARP is the worst offender though I think there will be plenty of companies vying for the ageing boomer market. Ageism = Obnoxiouism!

  4. Hi,
    All I could do was laugh. We have exactly the same thing here only a different company of course, I wonder if they all go to the same “how to suck them in” school. 😆

  5. Not only were we both Bluebirds, but now I find out we share the same OFF (Old-Fogey Fantasy)! hahaha! OMG! I totally lol’d at ROFBAHL!!!
    Linda, it’s no use resisting, they love you and they want you (DOA) dead or alive.

    • LOL LISA! I know we have so much in common. BBT (Bluebird Trauma) and OFF! Plus we both LTS (love to swim) but I’ve never fainted from ARN Adding Roman Numerals! But I really wish I had! What a fun story that would be to tell. I’ve been having fun telling everyone about that! HYDM (hope you don’t mind)!

  6. I’m COMGWRTP right now (chocking on my gum while reading this post)

    AAA should make friends with AARP to become one giant super AAAAARP. And they’d probably thrown in a FREE fanny pack to boot!

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