My Butler’s Toupee or Living in Hotsy Totsy Land

Welcome!  Isn’t this a fine June morning Dear Readers?  I’m leaving for the mall in just a few minutes to meet a very good friend where we will shop for items that we will eventually donate to the thrift store and later inadvertently buy back again.  I’m sorry to have to say I didn’t have time to cook up a new, fresh essay for you, but I have taken a leftover essay and stuck it in the oven at 350 degrees. 

This, Dear Reader, is the view from my Morning Room.

Ok, I don’t really have a Morning Room, as such, it’s actually just a fancy way of saying a chair by the window in the bedroom.

But I like to refer to it as my Morning Room whenever I am giving instructions to my Butler.

Ok, I don’t really have a Butler, as such, it’s just a fancy way of referring to my little dog who looks like a really bad toupee that a Butler might wear.

Picture of a yorkshire terrier
My Butler’s Toupee

So this morning, Dear Reader, whist sitting in my Morning Room admiring the view, I soon found myself ringing for the Butler with the Butler Bell.  Which is to say,  I called at the very tip-top of my very best lung,

“Here Chancey!  Here Chancy!”

. . . because what I refer to as my Butler’s Bell isn’t really a Butler’s Bell, as such, but just a fancy way of saying ‘calling the dog’.

To which my Butler responded by running over and jumping onto my lap —  or at least his toupee did.

Twas shortly after that,  I instructed my Lady-in-Waiting to bring my breakfast to the Morning Room for my Butler and I — that we might dine whilst partaking of the View of the Estate from the Window of the Morning Room,

Ok, it isn’t really an Estate, as such, it’s just a fancy way of saying ‘tree’.  But a pretty one it is.  I would even go so far as to say that my Butler’s Toupee and I think it very grand indeed!

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

It seems my Lady-in-Waiting refused to serve us our breakfast due to the fact that she isn’t really a Lady-in-Waiting, as such, but just a fancy way in which I sometimes refer to myself.

And I never make breakfast.

Until next time . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “My Butler’s Toupee or Living in Hotsy Totsy Land

    • Thanks Pink! I just love the thrift store! I have to rush over to the book section every time I go in and search the shelves for old books that I can use in my blog. I think I’m living in the past and the thrift store is my time machine! 😀 And shopping for new stuff is so boring now! HAha! 😀

      • HAHa.. LOVE the thrift shop and you inspired me to clean my closets last night and donate back what I bought (tags and all). HAHA.. Geez… how embarassing.. I have like 20 pairs of pants in size 8. So ridiculous.. HAHA.. I’ve gone back to wearing skirts, so these pants (so many great brands), just sit in a bag all lonely, waiting to be worn. 😀

        Thank you for the reminder to clear one’s clutter, and to return to the good ol’ times. 😀


  1. I can tell you’ve been watching a lot of 17th century English movies again. I know whever I watch historical dramas I can’t quite stop speaking with an accent nor can I stop drinking cup after cup of tea with strumpets.

    • Haha! So you actually put the strumpets righ in the tea? I’ve been watching so many English movies and tv shows I can’t even hear the accent anymore! That’s it! I’m turning into Madonna!

  2. I’m going to have to start using these sorts of names to refer to the things/people in my household. Like the Help (the cats) and the Butler (husband). You’re right. I feel much more posh now.

      • Hah, you’re right, I’M the help, not the cats. You obviously know cats! I’m not sure if the husband would appreciate being referred to as the Butler but I find it entertaining. 😉

        • Haha! Maybe we could refer to our husbands as “the butler” in our minds. I could get a kick out of that. Especially when I talk him in to bringing me something! HA!

    • Mine too! There are two really good thrift stores on my way to the mall but I didn’t have time to stop! I hate when that happens! But I did look over at them wistfully when I passed by and even tried to get a glimpse of the stuff inside! 😀

  3. Hi,
    Sounds like you are going to have a great day, it is always great when we can enjoy time with friends. )
    I love the way you have written this, sounds exactly like my household, although I don’t have the tree, on my estate. 😀

    • Haha Mags! I’ll have to mail you a tree! Eveyone must have one one their estate. Maybe you could get your butler to plant if for you! 😀

      And I had a lot of fun with my friend at the mall. I decided I’m going to make it a point do it more often. It was kind of like a mini-vaction (away from the “help” Haha! )

  4. I’m just relieved your Lady in Waiting isn’t 37! Haha! perhaps 37 could be the First Footman? I’m not sure what the First Footman’s role is, I just know they have one in Downton Abbey. lol!

    • Hahahahaha! Me too! Maybe 37 could be my first orange footman! Which reminds me that I need to catch up on my Downtwon Abbey! I’ve only watched the first season in mone sitting. I’ve never felt like getting back to it. Kind of like when you eat too much of candy and then it kind of makes you sick to think about it. (I wish I felt that way about candy!) 😀

  5. I love this blog! And that picture of chah that bag o bones! She looks so crabby. Her hair really could be used for a toupee, but it’d have to be for a blind man!

  6. i forgot what I was going to say… sorry… but it was good and funny .. the post.. not what I was going to say… well it was…clever too but ..I forgot… ❤

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