The Very First (and Possibly The Very Last) Friday Comics

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to the very first (and quite possibly the very last) Friday comics!

  Our Beloved Al

Until next time . . . I love you

14 thoughts on “The Very First (and Possibly The Very Last) Friday Comics

  1. I like that Al is as stiff as cardboard. Although that’s probably because he is in fact made from cardboard. If global warming is real maybe he’ll catch fire first!

    • Hahahahahaha! Jackie! You made me laugh with that one! Don’t you think the life of Al Gore would make a great reality show? The season finale could be him spontaneously combusting due to global warming. They could call it: Al Gore Com -Busts a Move!

  2. Haha! Jackie’s response is funny! Looks like Al’s big fat square head has been stuck in a vice – the vice presidency! How did Tipper last so long with him? I guess now we know why she crusaded for Mental Health so vigorously! haha!

    • LOL! Yes that would definitely explain Tipper’s Mental Health Crusade. The “vice” presidency! hahahaha! I’ll bet you anything he eats Funions too! 😀

  3. I never realized Al had such expressive eyebrows.
    Clearly, you are the Drawing Lady’s prodigy!

    though I have to admit that amid the laughter, I was sad that you didn’t include the to-be-ignored horses at the bottom of the page.

  4. Hi,
    Poor Al, what on earth is he going to do, he has to have the furnace turned up high, there is no other way to warm the Mansion in Nashville, not to mention how high the furnace would have to be to warm his new $9 million dollar villa overlooking the mediterranean. 🙂
    Your drawings are such a great likeness, very good portraits. 😀

    • LOL! Mags! Yes poor Al! Maybe we should start a Keep Al Gore Warm fund to help the poor guy out! If only he could get another Nobel Peace Prize, he could sew them together and make a blanket! 😀 HA HA!

  5. Haha! I had to go to the Goog on that one, Braintomahawk, but let’s just say it’s celcius, shall we? It wouldn’t hurt our beloved Al to sweat off a few of those pounds he’s been piling on! 😀

  6. Sheer and utter brilliance!!!!!!

    One of the best takes on Gore-zilla I’ve seen!!!!

    You are a born cartoonist– as I suspected!!!

    Friday Comics, Friday Comics–!!

    We want more– more, more, more!!

    (That was a vote in favor of continuing the new feature– I hope that’s clear… : )

    • Gorezilla! Ha HA! I love it! And thank you so much for your support, Mark!! Your comment has encouraged me to try another one again this week!

      I have so much admiration for your talent! And somehow you make it look so effortless! 😀

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