My Brain, Peanuts, Thinks Up Some Dubious WordPress Blog Ideas

Why hello Dear Reader and welcome to Monday morning here at the blog! 

This might be a good time to warn you that my brain, Peanuts, has been thinking again — the act of which has produced the following ideas for some dubious WordPress blogs:

My Favorite Government Documents! .com

Bureaucrats estimate that government documents now out number stars in the universe by a ratio of three to one!  And Peanuts thinks choosing my favorites among them (the most adorable) would make for a good blog.

Ah! Have you ever seen such an adorable government document?  Don’t you just want to squeeze it?

What about Lard? .com

My brain, Peanuts has high hopes for this blog!  It will encompass anything and everything about lard and lard-related products.  Readers will be invited to experience the world through the eyes of lard which should prove to be an exhilarating — if not somewhat disgusting– experience!

Soups Most People Never Tasted .com

There must be literally hundreds maybe even thousands of them! My brain, Peanuts turns to mush just thinking about all the soup out there that most people have never tasted!

Oh sure, you’ve never tasted it, but are you sure it’s never tasted you?

Your Friend, Cement! .com

Peanuts wants us to stop and think a minute about where we would all be without our dearest friend, cement . . . well, probably right in the exact same place we currently are . . . but still!

“Hey Cement, wanna get coffee later?”
“Uh . . . no.”

On a scale of one to ten, how Chapped Are Your Lips? .com

Finally a way to tell just exactly how chapped those lips of yours really are. Send pictures and Peanuts and I will post the best and the worst! Chapped lips will be judged on a sliding scale of one to ten, ten being the worst and one being the best or maybe vice versa.  Either way we are predicting success that smacks of success.

Sticks that were responsible for poking people’s eyes out!  .com

Just between you and me and Peanuts and WordPress and everybody else in the world, this idea is a little iffy, taste-wise.  Of course, there is the potential for eye patch advertisements and perhaps a lucrative manacle endorsement deal so the tastelessness might well be worth it.

Watching old parades from the 70’s on YouTube! .com

Peanuts asks:  Who doesn’t like watching parades that took place 40 years ago?

Peanuts answers:  No one!  That’s who!

“By golly, yes siree!  That IS Florence Henderson! Well, poke me with a fork!”            “Okay if you insist!”
Body parts I have yet to stub — The Forum  .com

Sure we’ve all stubbed our toe, but what body parts haven‘t we stubbed.  Are you stumped?  Good!  That means you’ll go check out the forum!

Baby Talk Book Reviews! .com

Peanuts wuvs dis idea!

“Me wead Wah and Peas.””

Wah and Pease vewy bo-wing!

Until next time . . . I love you

23 thoughts on “My Brain, Peanuts, Thinks Up Some Dubious WordPress Blog Ideas

  1. I think my favorite is a toss up between Parades from the 70’s and on a scale of 1 to 10, how chapped are your I also like the idea of The Wide World of or maybe Industry or

    • Hahaha Jackie! Oh! Wide World of pamphlets! I certainly have the pamphlet collection collection for it! Wait a minute you typed Phamplet is that right? Now I’m thinking pamphlets is wrong and phamplet is right! I’m so confused — oh and I’m so confused! .com would make a great blog too . . .no?

  2. I would definitely visit Soups Most People Haven’t Tasted .Com!! I love soups! Also, my lips are about a level 2-3 chapped always!

  3. Hi,
    Great spin on different blogs, I really like the soup one, post after post of soup that may not have been tasted it is definitely a goer (means good).
    I picked the soup one because I am sitting here freezing, it is raining, and of course Winter, I am about to make some soup for lunch, so a soup blog it is. 😀

    • Haha Mags! Ok, I’m officially adding: Things that are a goer! .com (A shout out for my Southern Hemispheree Buddy! YAY!
      Winter? Boo! Well, I guess every hemisphere has to have one . . .sigh . . . Enjoy your soup, Mags! 😀

  4. Hahaha! Just when I thought Peanuts couldn’t get any more crazy, er, I mean creative, Peanuts brings Lard and Cement to the forefront of the blogging world! I’ve always wanted to see the world through the eyes of lard and now I can! lol!!!
    I don’t want to admit it but I am sort of interested in seeing the sticks that were responsible for poking people’s eyes out. I think that one will get a lot of hits. ; D

  5. Haha Lisa! I am so curious about those sticks now too! I doubt I could actually locate any as I’m sure they were destroyed after the unfortunate incidences, however, maybe I could find some facsimiles and start an online nefarious stick museum. I can just see the hits now! 😀

  6. Wah And Peas… yes! Almost as good as Green Yucks And Jam! And my favorite part was when Florence Henderson got hit with the cement block– good arm, Peanuts!! : P

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