Limericks Based on Ads from 1953

Hello Dear Readers!  Well another week has rolled more or less away, and as we slide into Friday on this last day of November, we have to ask ourselves what was going on with ads from 1953?  (See how I did that great segue way?  Who says things don’t get done right on Friday.)

Here are some ads from a magazine called Better Living from 1953 that for some reason, my brain, Peanuts, insisted on boiling down into limericks.


There once was a product named Kleenex

That met you half-way when you sneezed next

Little LuLu and Godfrey

Got paid by the wad, see?

To get Father some money for Xanax.

img584 (2)

When poor fifties Mom must relax

After featherdust-wacking does tax

She chews Beechnut Gum

But it makes her feel glum

What she needed was Father’s Xan-ax!


There once was a little food dude

Who claimed Wilson’s B-V was a food

It subtracted from rents

Just one point five cents

But to like it, you had to be stewed.


There once was a man who wore lipstick

People thought him the consummate dipstick

He drank coffee that sounded

Like a law firm compounded

So his wife mixed his cream with some arsenic 

And there you have it, Dear Reader, the first installment and quite possibly the last installment of Limericks Base on Ads from 1953.

Until next time . . . I love you

21 thoughts on “Limericks Based on Ads from 1953

  1. Limericks, like all poetry, escapes my ability to create. Don’t even get me started on haiku, mostly because I can’t get started on haiku.

    Nicely done, Missus!!

    • Haha Addie! I can’t do Haiku either. (Hey wait was that a Haiku?) And the limericks are fun to do but I kept rereading them with a different beat and I darn near drove myself crazy!

  2. Yeah who wants actual meat in our bee- oh wait brown gravy. Though logically it goes on the meat, so that is enough meat for it to be around. Except when it goes on a pile of mashed taters, in which case it is vegetarian. Trying bringing that beatnik food into a 50’s household!

    • A vegetarian household in the 50’s? Do you think they actually existed? This is even before the time of Maynard G. Krebs and you know how out there he was! 😀 In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the 50’s thought being a vegetarian meant “a person who didn’t eat vegetables” which would have been 90 percent of the U.S. population in the 50’s!

  3. These are so clever! I think my favorite is the last one since not only does he look like he’s wearing lipstick but If I were his wife, I’d arsenic his coffee also!

  4. “There once was a man who wore lipstick.” Haha! I lol’d when I read that and scrolled back to examine the picture. Yup, he’s wearing lipstick. 🙂
    Why do I feel like I remember Chase and Sanborn coffee? I wasn’t even born then!

    • LOL Lisa! Yeah why do you remember it when you were even born? Haha!! That is so funny. I remember it too. Even though I clearly didn’t drink it when I was 2. I kind of wish instead of Starbucks, we had Chase and Sanborns. They would probably have regular names for their drinks even if all their employees would be wearing lipstick. (I’d still rather go to Chase and Sanborns!)

    • Haha! Sillyliss! Who moved my Xanax? LOL! Hey isn’t that the perfect comeback for just about everything? I can definitely see it becoming my new favorite expression! 😀

  5. Total, unadulterated brilliance!!!! (you, not the ads)

    Oooh, how I’d like to bop Arthur with a box when he sing-songs, “It’s Kleenex Tissue Time!!” What a very annoying apple-cheeked man he was!!

    But you redeemed everything, so take a tissue or two, and a well-deserved bow!! : )

    • Ah Thanks Mark! And you’re right about Arthur Godfrey. That guy was everywhere back in the 50’s. But I guess in those days, it was kind of the style to be an entertainer that wasn’t entertaining like Ed Sullivan. Although Ed never tried to sing (thankfully!). I don’t know what would have happened to us having to endure something liked that. But I’m pretty sure we’d need Kleenex! 😀

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