More Bizarre Post Card Captions

Hello Dear Readers!  Here’s some more very bizarre post cards I found at the thrift store that were just crying out for captions!

Hell on wheels

the Butcher, the backer the candlestick maker

Horse rearing

Dweeben Dorken

cart people


Well that’s all there is for today, but stay tune for more bizarre post card captions just as soon as I find some more bizarre post cards!

Until next time . . . I love you

23 thoughts on “More Bizarre Post Card Captions

    • Yes! And I can see them in my mind’s eye! They have Holland stamped on the bottom of them and they were hanging from the rear view mirror of their Chrysler Cordorba in 1965.

  1. What a smorgasbord of awkward postcards. They are greatly improved with your captions! I think you should do a line of greeting cards using these weird postcards you find and your captions.

    • Oh I liked that Donkey cart one too, Katy. Can you imagine actually buying that postcard while on vacation and sending it to someone. Talk about having a wonderful time . . . NOT! HA! 😀

  2. The butcher, the baker, the candle dude, and the chiropractor made me spill my Funyuns!! Actually so did all the others, with the exception of #1– that wasn’t funny at all, because those are the exact same lousy bicycle choices we have here in New Hampshire!! : (

    • LOL Mark!! I’m impressed! You must know how to ride those bicycles then that they have in New Hampshire . . . . wait a minute . . . are you sure it’s New Hampshire?? 😀

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