Me and My Turtle, Jeems

Hello Dear Readers!  This poem goes out to all my blogging friends and their turtles!

Me and My Turtle

I never leave the house it seems

Without my turtle (his name is Jeems)

He reminds me as I go about

To follow my nose (or follow my snout?)

He reminds me in this busy world

To keep it real, to stay unfurled

He says take care when you cross the street

Cause Jeems can talk (it’s really sweet!)

Jeems he likes the pace we go

When we keep it really really slow

I’d say Jeems was the wiser one

But Jeems, he don’t get nothin’ done!

Humorous Poetry Linda Vernon Humor

Until next time . . . I love you

21 thoughts on “Me and My Turtle, Jeems

  1. Aww, I love everything about this! Your blog posts never fail to make me smile! I particularly love your doodles! Ooh, only a few days until Zest goes live and we can share more of your work with the world! 🙂

    • Oh that is so exciting Katy! I’m so lucky! Zest will be the third birth I get to be in on this year!! HA! This is my lucky year! 😀 Oh and thank you so much for your kind words Katy. You’ve always been so supportive and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart (and so does Jeems! :D)

  2. I wish I had a Jeems to pal around the world with. He’d keep me from making rash decisions and getting myself worked up into a tizzy. I love this poem mom. It sort of reminds me of a nursery rhyme. Maybe you can do a variation on the 3 little kittens for me in your next post 🙂

    • Ah so glad you liked it honey. Remember the time we had Nikki’s guinea pigs and the turtle in an enclosure in the front yard and the turtle was the one that figured out how to escape? I’ve always had a lot more respect for turtles since then and or a lot less respect for guinea pigs!!

      I’ll write one about the three little kittens for you!

  3. Oh, Linda! I think Lily and Henry will love this read to them. I hope you make a big book of poems and stories for them to enjoy and pass down. At some point I’m gonna need to make copies of everything – I want to be able to pull my Linda Vernon book off the shelf and get a good laugh when I need one. 😀

    • Oh Lisa how nice of you to say that!! I’ll have to do a poem a week that I can incorporate into a book for my grandkids. I’ve always dreamed of doing that. Another thing I dream of doing is incorporating my blog into a print on demand book. But so far I haven’t gotten around to doing it. But I will. Maybe I can get 37 to help me, he’s pretty good at big projects — whereas as I tend to get distracted just doing a load of laundry! HA! 😀

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