33-Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Sun’s Summer Fun

Hello Dear Readers!  Well it’s time for the 33-word, weekend Trifecta Challenge. If you haven’t tried the Trifecta Writing Challenges yet, you should!   They are so much fun and a great way to hone your writing skills.  Today the Trifecta Challengers have asked us to write 33 words describing summer. 

The sun having summer funThe Sun’s Summer Fun

Sun looks innocent

Sun shines rays in eyes of kid eating Popsicle until kids trips and drops Popsicle

Sun chuckles

Sun shines rays to dry kid’s tears

Sun goes back to looking  innocent

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

26 thoughts on “33-Word Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Sun’s Summer Fun

  1. You made me smile with this piece too! Oh Sol, he’s a crafty one, and nobody could tell us so as cleverly as you did here! I. Love. This.

  2. And then the sun fails to heat the popsicle so it melts and gets absorbed into the clouds, thereby denying us the joys of popsicle flavored rain.
    DARN YOU, SUN!!!

  3. I was that kid.

    That was my popsicle.

    The ants ate the rest of my popsicle.

    I got my Book Of Black Magic.

    I summoned a full eclipse.

    Sun all gone.

    Who’s chuckling now, eh??

    Oops– 35 words. Rats… : P

    • Hahahah!! 35 words for this marvelous insight into the inner-workings of “real” Markie MacGiggles is a small word-price to pay! And if that doesn’t teach the sun a thing or two I don’t know what will!

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