Friday Fictioneers: Mr. Flibbish’s Resume

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple is the host of a writing challenge called Friday Fictioneers and, as such, posts a picture every Wednesday to serve as an inspiration to writers everywhere, whether they be from planet earth or from one of the other fifty billion planets that are now thought to exist in the Milky Way alone.

  Here’s this week’s story-inspiring picture:


Mr. Flibbish’s Resume

Hello Mr. Flibbish.  Your resume says you worked as a plasma donor?

Yes, I was responsible for sitting until they told me to get up and go home.

Excellent!  And what did stock photographer’s model entail?

Standing where they told me to stand.

Uh huh. I see.  And you were the “feels like guy” for

Yes.  I stood outside and reported back what I thought the temperature felt like.

Oh very good!  Now, we just have one last question.  How do you feel about pointy objects?

I love them!

Congratulations, Mr. Flibbish!  You’re hired!  Welcome aboard the  Rent-a-Centurion team!

59 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Mr. Flibbish’s Resume

  1. I wonder if I could hire Flibbish to take my next prostrate exam for me? That would certainly look good on his resume and possibly lead to some colonoscopy opportunities as well.

  2. I like the name Flibbish! I could do with some of whatever he’s got – might keep me sitting at the computer long enough to finish a manuscript!

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