My Brain Peanuts Remembers: Candy

Welcome Dear Readers!  I was thinking about candy yesterday. Maybe because Halloween is coming up or maybe because some days is just for sittin’ around thinkin’ ’bout candy. (Sorry, sometimes my brain, Peanuts, gets really obnoxious.)

Here’s some of the vintage gum and candy that my brain, Peanuts, remembers.

Black Jack Gum


Black Jack Gum was a whole heck of a lot of fun.  It had it’s own original flavor which tasted a little like black licorice but not quite.  But the really cool thing about Black Jack Gum was that it was almost black so you could put it on your teeth and make it look like your two front teeth had been knocked out.  Which is always a bonus when you’re between the ages of five and twelve 61.

Double Bubble Bubble Gum

Vintage Dubble Bubble Gum

Our local store had a box of Double Bubble Gum in the candy rack.It must have been there for many years because the Double Bubble gum was as hard as a rock, and it actually hurt to chew it. When I was a kid, I thought the funnies that came with the Double Bubble bubble gum were included to make you feel better while you were experiencing the pain of chewing.

Bazooka Bubble Gum:

Bazooka Bubble Gum Linda Vernon Humor

And an example of the comics found therein:

This one is actually funnier than I remembered.
I bought Bazooka Bubble Gum occasionally (they were a lot softer to chew) but, frankly, I preferred the Double Bubble bubble gum solely because I thought Double Bubble  comics were funnier.


I remember eating Necco Sugar Wafers as a kid.  I never really cared for them much, but for some reason I would still occasionally buy them and try to eat them.  These tended to be the kinds of candies that would end up in the dust bunnies under children’s beds all over America along with jelly beans, candy hearts and black licorice Saltwater taffy.

Necco Candy wafers

According to Wikipedia, Necco Sugar Wafers have been around since 1847. Okay, maybe in 1847, when everything kind of sucked in general, people were fine with eating candy that tasted like Tums but why do people eat them today?  Could it be that “Tums”  is a classic flavor that will never go out of style?

Big Hunk

Linda Vernon Humor Vintage Candy Commentary

They really were big too.  And they were only a nickel!  I have no idea what they were made out of.  They did have peanuts in them, an unpleasant fact I never let deter me because the taste of the taffy-like candy would block out the taste of the peanuts or, perhaps they used peanuts that didn’t have any flavor, which was fine by me.

Then there were Jawbreakers:

Linda Vernon Humor vintage candy commentary

The particular jawbreaker that always sticks in my mind were the ones you could buy for a while in the 1950’s called Sputniks.  They were blue and had little spikes sticking out of them.  They really made your mouth sore –even more sore than stale Double Bubble bubble gum did, and they didn’t even come with comics to make you feel better while you were eating them!  Plus they tasted pretty horrible.

I suspect the Sputnick Jawbreaker was part of a government propaganda program to remind children how evil the Russian’s were for having launched a satellite up in space before we did.

Well Dear Readers, that’s about all the remembering my brain, Peanuts, is capable of today. But there are lots and lots vintage candy bars that are stuck between the teeth of my brain, Peanuts synapses — which might be worth prying loose one of these days.

In the meantime, my brain, Peanuts, wonders what your favorite candy was  a kid . . . 

Until next time . . . I love you

53 thoughts on “My Brain Peanuts Remembers: Candy

  1. I bought necco wafers once and couldn’t understand why they were sold in the candy aisle, when they were clearly not edible. Same with those chalky conversation hearts.

    Favorite candy as a little kid: hands down, it was Bonkers. I also bought a lot of Garbage Pail Kids when I was a tot (with money).

    • I’ve never even tried a Bonkers, Melissa. Okay now I’m on a Bonkers mission. I’ve got to find one and sample one. I vaguely remember my kids having Cabbage Pail Kids. I don’t remember any candy that came with them. It doesn’t sound very tasty but I’ll bet they tasted waaaay better than Necco wafers! HA! 😀

    • You liked Neccos? Well, there must be a lot of people out there like you who like them! They don’t keep making candy for over 150 years without lots of people liking them! I loved Beamans gum too. I forgot about that Beanmans Gum. It had a very unusual flavor that I’ve never tasted before or since!

  2. My mother always bought circus peanuts and orange slices as a treat. The peanuts weren’t bad, but the slices…YUCK! Hold it there is one more yucky candy…Christmas ribbon candy. ugh.

    • Oh No! Not Christmas Ribbon Candy! The worst. Well there was actually one thing worse. The kind of peppermint candy that my grandfather always had on hand. They were peppermint cylinders with creamy mint filling. Oh they were so gross! I ate them whenever I went there though because they were the only candy available! HA!

      I actually loved circus peanuts and orange slices both. Your mom and I have the same taste in candy apparently. How about that? 😀

  3. There’s a store in Branson called Dick’s 5 & 10 that still sells all the candy varieties from my youth including those hard to find candy cigarettes. Walking through Dick’s is like visiting 1963. It took my adult children two hours to drag me kicking and screaming from the store.

    • Oh I know, Aren’t stores like that fun! There’s one in San Luis Obispo where my daughter lives. She took me there on my last visit and we separated and scouted out the store and she came back with the same candy for me that I picked for myself. HA! Apparently I’ve discussed my childhood candy more than I realized. LOL!

  4. I hate to tell you but British sweets rule. Whole shops devoted to them when I was a kid, and the store owner always hated children (Quite why they opened a sweet shop…) Everything was a penny, now there is a retro thing going on and shops opening up again but you need a mortgage to buy the produce.

  5. I just love this blog post today mom! As an eighties child, I never got to experience the wonders of horrible 1950’s candy but it sure it fun to read about! I would include candy corn and black licorice on that list but I know you like them.

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