Irena Delphina Hot Diggity Dog


Irena Delphina Hot Diggity DogIrena Delphina Hot Diggity Dog

In the parlance of engines was merely a cog


In the gearshift of life she was quite unexciting

(She had nothing to do with, say, spark plugs igniting)


Her job was more blah, more boring, more simple

She was put on this earth to showcase her dimple


And stand on her tiptoes with arms stretched apart

While posing for drawings of horrible art


Oh if only the artist could draw her an ocean

She’d sit by the sea and imagine the motion


Or maybe the artist could draw her Mt. Zion

She could hike to the top with a leash on a lion


Is it any surprise that Irena’s not pompous

When the drawings of her are so catty and wampus?


Is it safe to assume that she’ll never be seen

Staring up from the pages of Vogue magazine?


Poor Irena Delphina Hot Diggity Dog

She’s destined forever to live in this blog

5 thoughts on “Irena Delphina Hot Diggity Dog

  1. My favorite of your poems so far!!

    I really hope Irena will get to exist in another post. She is quite the enigma. I don’t actually know what “enigma” means but Irena does.

  2. Haha! I love the word enigma. The beauty of that word is it makes you sound smart while at the same time fitting comfortably into almost any offhand comment. “She can spell really good for an enigma!”

  3. A great writer AND a poet. I officially hate you.
    Seriously Linda, this is one of my all time favourite blogs and I’m usually a hard gal to please. Just ask my baby daddy…

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