Sports Illustrated Brings Us 1963

Oh Dear Readers!  Look what crossed my path yesterday at the used bookstore!

Illustration of woman relaxing on a yatch in a two-piece Swim suit circa 1963
A Sports Illustrated Magazine from 1963!  Isn’t it wonderful? Let’s flip through it together, shall we?

Here’s 1963, Master’s Champion Jack Nicklaus  singing the praises of the MacGregor Woods with their exclusive penetrating impregnation method! Wow! Now that’s impressive!

Ad from Sports Illustrated 1963 Golf Ad
Golf in 1963 was sure a lot more interesting than it is now.

The ad goes on to explain that the exclusive penetrating impregnation method was the most talked about club feature in golf!  (Well, I should say so!)  “Because it let’s you use a wood with confidence in bad lies.”  Gosh I wonder if Tiger knows about this?


Hey! Who doesn’t want to live in a world where shirts were only $5.00 raise your hand!

Man in car driving away
Shh . . . don’t tell Mr.Sophisticated City Dweller who is wearing his Dacron Docoma Breeze shirt that the poor country bumpkins who just got off the  b.u.s. are laughing at him not with him.

Stuffed shirts didn’t come any less wrinkle-free than in 1963 thanks to Docoma Breeze shirts boasting Grip-Tab, Dress ‘n Play, Blake collars — which only cool city dwellers could afford at $5 a pop.  And if that didn’t make a man want to drive around Manhattan, mannequin-like, in a car three-sizes too small –1963 doesn’t know what did!


Don’t Worry Honey! Kent’s Micronite Filter makes cigarettes good for you!

Blah Blah
This Kent ad is the very first and the very last ad to utilize the phrase “refines away”.

Apparently back in 1963, the key to smoking fun was getting the cigarette to have the mildest taste of all!  Kent was hoping that smokers wouldn’t put 2 and 2 together and realize that the mildest taste of all would be not smoking any cigarettes at all.


Question!  What’s more fun than shooting guns with daddy?   Shooting guns with daddy in the house!  What else?

Father and Son unpacking Daisy BB Range
Run for cover,Sis! Look out Spot! Whoops sorry, Dear!

What better way for  fathers to bond with their sons and to teach their sons to grow up to be men than by shooting bb guns with them in the house?  Oh sure, a few of mother’s prized figureens may have to be sacrificed, and little Suzie’s buttox will probably never be the same — but it’s a small price to pay for teaching little boys what it really means to be a man — 1963 style!

Now then wasn’t that fun?  I hope you liked our little foray into the world of 1963, Dear Readers!

Until next time . . . I love you

4 thoughts on “Sports Illustrated Brings Us 1963

  1. Ah, for the good old days when we could use a bb gun to shoot cigarettes out of the mouths of convertible drivers on their way to the golf course, after having raced dolphins with your boat that has a live (facing the wrong way) figurehead at the bow. Well, not my good old days, but surely someone’s. Maybe Shirley’s ?

    • You pretty well summed up the 60’s Flash. Back when everything was tolerated. I’m trying to think which Shirley you mean? Back in the 60’s the only Shirley that I can think of is Shirley McClain. I think Shirley Temple was still alive then as well but by the 60’s nobody cared about her anymore (poor little Shirley).

  2. Actually I was thinking of Leslie Shirley Nielsen, before he dropped his middle name back in the early ’70’s. That’s why he was so miffed in Airplane !.
    (True note: I really did shoot a cigarette out of someone’s mouth, in Dec. of 1967. However, I was using a rubber band gun, so no chance of a William S. Burroughs incident. Plus, I’m not a famous author.)

    • Oh yes now it’s coming back to me. Airplane! That was such a good movie. What? You actually shot a cigarette out of someone’s mouth? That sounds like a scene out of James Bond! You could even change y
      our name to Shirley and still be cool! Now I’m off to google the William S. Burroughs incident.

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