The Weekend Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Adventures of the Three Mosquito Brothers

The Weekend Trifecta Writing Challenge  is to take a scene that involves (or affects) at least three people and write this scene from the point of view of three of the characters, using 33 words for each character. 

NOTE to Trifecta Challenge:  I am assuming it’s OK to use mosquitos instead of people. 

The Adventures of the Three Mosquito Brothers

“If only I sucked as much as you do, Ted!” Mosquito Tod Plurp remarked to his brother Ted “the slurp” Plurp – which immediately made their other brother, Edwardio, jealous.

“But Edwardio sucks big time too, Tod.” Ted said and shot Tod a look that said you’re hurting his feelings Bro!

Edwardio, who was sulkily sucking, just sighed.

Ted and Tod were in the process of apologizing profusely to their brother Edwardio  (who continued his sucking sulking) when a hand came down and flattened both Ted and Tod Plurp which made Edwardio stop sucking long enough to smile before skedaddling!

The End.

The idea for this post was suggested to me by Asifa at Crazy Life . . . Always Expect d UnEXpec TEd!!!!  who wants to spread awareness through posts for  Nothing But Nets a global, grassroots campaign of the united Nations Foundation to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria — the cause of large scale deaths in developing countries. So thank you Asifa for bringing this to our attention.

23 thoughts on “The Weekend Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Adventures of the Three Mosquito Brothers

  1. I love your use of alliterations in your work–it’s a skill I do not possess and I envy the hell out of someone who has it–damn you!

  2. Hey Linda… Thank u soooo much for such a creative post!!!! I did check-out Trifecta challenge but it’s beyond me 😉 Am very grateful to you…Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Mosquitos!! FacePalm! oh looki I just got one yay! hope it wasn’t Edwardio – oh wait he’s a mosquito … man I was worried Eeeny Meany Miney and Mo wouldn;t fly… awesome job! again, and as usual.! clever… Yay!

  4. I live in Louisiana where there’s forever been (insincere) talk about renaming the mosquito as our state bird. So, I HATE your characters …. but I LOVE the story. 🙂

  5. I love the opening line (always a good sign when the laughs come early.) The only thing I was bummed about was that Ed survived 😉

    Sorry. That’s not nice of me, is it?

    P.S. I visited LA recently and took a picture of a mosquito that was almost as big as a quarter. Ick!

    • “Never disappointed” is music to this blogger’s ears! Thank you for providing these challenges — it’s got to be a lot of work and I really appreciate your efforts! You come up with the best challenges! 😀

  6. By equating mosquitos with people, you have insulted insects everywhere!!

    Sorry, gotta calm down, I’m just jealous ’cause I don’t have a cool name like Plurp. On the bright side, I do get slapped a lot… : P

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