My Brain Peanuts Breaks Glasses Causing Immediate Nerd Transformation!

I broke my glasses because my brain, Peanuts, placed them directly underneath where my foot was supposed to go.

Peanuts and I have been wearing glasses now for 20 years due to adult onset blurriness, and you’d think my brain, Peanuts, would have figured out a way to not step on them.

But no, every once in a while Peanuts has to test me to see if I’m still paying attention (and I never am).

I don’t get it because there’s nothing Peanuts and I hate doing more than having to get new glasses.  What was Peanuts thinking?

So I got my husband, 37, to tape them back together for me, because he’s an engineer so he knows about things like that.

Except that I didnt trust his taping judgment once he was done and added more tape myself.

So now I’m officially a nerd.

I’d take a picture to show you but I think it might be too early in the morning for that. Oh what the heck, let’s live dangerously shall we?

Me in my new nerdy glasses:

Well, wait a minute . . . let me see if I can take the picture from a better angle:

Oh that’s better.  I like this of me in my nerdy glasses a little better because you can’t really see the tape all that much.

Anyway, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, the careless behavior of my brain, Peanuts.

So now Peanuts and I will have to stumble down to the glasses store and get those nasty drops put in.  Then once we are legally blind, we will be guided out front to pick out frames from the two or three thousand styles displayed right in front of our eyes somewhere.

The conversation with the professional four-eyes care specialist will go something like this:

Me:  How do these look on me?

Her:  Oh those look good on you.

Me:  Really?  Well how about these?

Her:  Oh!!! Those look good on you!

Me.  Really?  What about these?

Her:  Oh those!!! Look good on you.

Me:  How about these?

Her:  Oh those, look!!!  Good on you!!

Me:  And these?

Her:  Oh those look good!!! On you!!

Me:   Oh but what about these?

Her:  Oh those look good on!!!  You!!!!!

Me:  Oh, yeah, what about these?

Her:  Oh those look good on you.

Of course, we all know how this story ends.  Peanuts and I will finally decide on frames, then go back to pick them up three weeks later because their motto is ready in about an hour give or take three weeks.

Me:  Are you sure these are my glasses because they look horrible and I can’t see a thing.

Her:  OH!!! THOSE!!! LOOK!!! GOOD!!! ON!!! YOU!!!

Then Peanuts and I will go home and while I’m crying my eyes out, Peanuts will be eating a 1000 grams of sugar.

Until next time . . . I love you

39 thoughts on “My Brain Peanuts Breaks Glasses Causing Immediate Nerd Transformation!

  1. Hahaha! Good ol’ Peanuts! Those glasses, the ones with the tape, REALLY make you look good. Your complexion looks so youthful and dewy, your lips so full and supple, your manicure so fresh and clean – I think I need a pair of those!

  2. I feel you pain. I think the slogan should be “Glasses in about an hour….unless they require prescription lenses.”

  3. Shopping for glasses is the worst. Is it just me, or do they all look the same after a while? And if your vision is bad enough, you won’t even be able to tell how horrible they even look until the prescription is filled.

    • Yes, Erin, they DO all look the same and after awhile, you can’t remember the ones you really liked . . . I think I’ll take my phone with me and take a picture of myself before I actually order them.

  4. Hi,
    I don’t know about nerdy, but you could start a new trend with the tape, it could become the in thing, after all breaking ones glasses happens to a lot of people, start a new trend and save everyone a heap of money. 🙂

    • Starting a new trend! Now that’s a brilliant idea Mags! It seems like it would be much easier to start a new trend than to go through the rigamarole involved in getting new glasses! HA! 😀

  5. Oh man, I can really relate to this post. The gal who chose my frames for me while I was blind purposefully made me look like an owl. But she said THEY LOOK GOOD!!!1!!! Liar. : )

  6. Fortunately, I’m still in the reading glasses phase, so, I keep a basket (yes, literally a basket) of reading glasses nearby as I step on, sit upon, lose, etc on a regular basis.

    Love the photo, you brave woman, you.

    • Oh I went through that reading glasses stage for about five years before I broke down and got my eyes examined. And truly it is sooooo much easier to get prescriptions bi-focals. And you don’t have to worry about Peanuts stepping on them either – I recommend you Go For It!

  7. Every pair does look good ….that is soooo true!! I recently got new glasses and thought…’what was I thinking..they’re awful’… Toooo bad because it’s another 2 years before the insurance pays for another pair!….Diane

  8. Once you purchase your new glasses the sales person will try to upgrade you to get tinted, non glare, UVA detterent, moisture wicking, speck resistant lenses for an additional $5999. I look forward to seeing you in your taped splendors this weekend!

    • Oh yeah, it’s been so long since I’ve gotten glasses I forgot all about all those extras! And the coatings never do anything they say they are going to. And they are sooo expensive. Then last night 37 broke his glasses. Isn’t that weird?

  9. I am short-sighted… been bespectacled for 13 years.. have been there, done that 😉 now I keep an extra and pray that I don’t sit on them!!!

    • Well that’s what I should do. But I know me . . . I probably wouldn’t be able to remember the “safe” place I put them in so I wouldn’t lose them! HA! Somebody needs to invent indestructible glasses! 😀

  10. I went into a catatonic state once looking at the 50-foot Wall Of Frames. On the plus side, when I came out of the coma three weeks later, my new glasses were ready. (I was sorta pointing at a pair when I froze up, that’s how I made my selection– at least that’s what they told me.)

    • LOL Mark! I’m saving all your comments to make into a biopic about your life. OMG! hahahaha! So that’s why your icon is just a head shot. You got tired of explaining ad nauseum why you have been pointing into mid air for the last three years! But I gotta say your glasses look great though! 😀 In fact, I hope that happens to me when I go to get new ones! It turned out to be a pretty good method!

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