The Al Gore Comics

Our Beloved Al

19 thoughts on “The Al Gore Comics

  1. haha! I cracked up when I saw the Funyuns floating near by!!!!! Maybe his Funyun breath is actually what’s making the glaciers melt?

  2. Very amusing, my lady…. it would be even more so if he didn’t have a point….

    Do you do these lovely drawings yourself? If so, you should try to start trying to sell them for publication… comic strips are very lucrative these days, especially if they are politically oriented…. That is a serious suggestion BTW…. I’ve seen comics in the paper that weren’t as good as this…. 🙂 Of course, you might have to use a made up name, to keep the real Al from getting all worked up over it….

    • Thank you Ned. I’m so glad you liked it. And thanks so much for your supportivenss. Hmmm. . . maybe I should try sending them out somewhere at that. I certainly do like the word “lucrative”. HA! And yes I do the drawings myself such as they are!:D Have you given any more thought to writing your book about growing up in a military household? I hope so. 😀

      • Thus far, only thinking about it… I’m moving at the end of this month, so I’m kinda focused on that process, which I hate, from having to do it so often when my dad was in the Army…. any who, the drawings you do show the kind of simple lines that make the expressions very clear, and helps the joke make its point…. take care, m’dear….

  3. You never cease to amaze me! Awesome! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t read many blogs lately. The title alone was so compelling that I had to see what kind of mischief you were up to! LOL

  4. Oh, Lord! This made my head swim!– and it sure looks funny paddling around in the bathtub… : P

    Who but Al would think to do The Peppermint Twist?? That’s just not a swim stroke one sees anymore. And I liked how his head got really big in the “silent panel”– that always happens when poor Al has to think…

    The Funyum package was a true killer, but the best part of all was Al grabbing onto the water’s edge in the last panel to keep from sinking– only Our Beloved Al can do that!! : P

    • I just realized after reading your comment that he is indeed doing the peppermint twist — and I think he deserves some sort of an award for that! I wonder if the UN could award our beloved Al a gold Chubby Checker statue. Of course he probably would try to hold on to it while he was swimming and drown. And I’m sure that would ruin Al’s day not to mention Chubby’s (wherever he may be!) Perhaps Al thought he could grasp the water because he’s been grasping at straws so long and . . . . OK I’ll stop! 😀

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