Vintage Foods from Nineteen Eighty-ewww!

Hello Dear Readers.  Hey!  Look what I found from 1982! 

In an effort to include everybody on the face of the earth, this 1982 Time Saver’s Cook Book bills itself as “A People’s Friend Special” with more than 300  money-stretching recipes not to be confused with more than 300 stomach-stretching recipes.

Today we are taking a little trip back in time to the year 1982.  A time when it was considered attractive to wear football shoulder pads underneath all your dresses and a time when every wishbone wish in America was to wake up with cowlicks covering 90 percent of your head.

“Hey, How’d you get your hair to go so good?”
“I wished for cowlicks.”

Let’s take a closer look at the 80’s through the pages of  A People’s Friend Special, Time Saver’s Cook Book and see what people considered edible back in 1982 or as it is sometimes referred to by Food Historians 198eww.

Super Waffles 198eww Style

Now here’s a real 80’s treat!  Waffles covered with things that don’t go with waffles at all. Like tomatoes!  And kidneys! And whatnot!

The recipe says:
Sausage and Tomato and waffles . . .okay
Spicy Bacon and waffles . . . okay
Savory Kidney and waffles . . . uh well, I prefer savory pancreas on my waffles but maybe that’s just me.

Let’s take a closer look at the 198eww deliciousness:

“Dear God! It’s moving!”

Although this looks a bit suspicious, the recipe absolutely insists this is a waffle and not a shingle!  Therefore, what is on it is not what you’re thinking is on it even though it looks exactly like what you’re thinking is on it.

But please don’t think about what’s on it anymore, Dear Readers, because you wouldn’t want to ruin your appetite for:

Whatever This Is

Here’s a chicken recipe that calls for Kellogg’s Bran Flakes. I know you’re  probably thinking the same thing I am right now which is : K E Double L O Double Good! But let’s not be too hasty, Puddin’ (a little cookbook humor, hope you don’t mind) This 198eww recipe is called Crunchy Chicken. But whatever happens when you bite into it, try to remember above all else that it is supposed to be crunchy.

And finally our Pièce de résistance  from 198eww:

Speghetti O Noooooooooo! Pie.  Among other strange items, the recipe calls for one pound of puff pastry thawed.  So at least it’s got thawed pastry going for it!  The recipe also cries out for frankfurters, mushrooms and one beaten (within inches of its life I’ll bet) egg.

Unfortunately there is nothing in the ingredients that would account for the unidentified miscellaneous chunks floating around at large (and small).  Well, we must remember that in the 198eww, absolutely nothing made sense.  Even though we loved pretending it did!

And on that thought, I leave you with:

“I am smiling.”

Until next time . . . I love you

Picture credits: Detox
Michael Jackson and E.T.:  The twilight zone of Google

25 thoughts on “Vintage Foods from Nineteen Eighty-ewww!

  1. That spaghetti-o pie THING is just vile looking! Please tell me that some of those recipe called for Vienna Sausages? *shudders * THOSE bring back some (bad) memories!

  2. “Smile, I AM smiling” made me laugh out loud. Why was it that in the 1980’s all food recipes had to be combined with such crappy fast food like Spaghetti O’s and Waffles? Perhaps each generation has an obsession. In the 50’s it seemed to be Jello!

    • Well honey, I’m not sure how to break this to you but I don’t think toaster waffles were invented yet and in the 80’s we were still making waffles on a very old fashioned device called a waffle iron. Not to be confused with the 80’s curling iron. (The more waffley the better when it came to 80’s hair) Remember when we used to “crimp” your hair and put it in a “high pony tail” for special occasions? LOL! That sounds so funny now. I’m glad you liked the Michael Jackson ET glamshot! I saw it and just had to find somewhere to put it. I think there’s enough material to do an blog just dedicated to the 80’s our funniest decade! 😀

  3. LOL! Linda this is another winner! It’s like they went out of their way in 198eww to gross people out – like put a blindfold on and pull things out of your panty and tah-dah! You have a delicious and funky 1980’s meal! The waffle combos are too gross.
    And the hair! I used to have that “freeze” hair spray, the heavy duty stuff, so while you were blowing it dry you could spray your hair and get it to stand up on end. haha! Those pictures make me laugh every time.

    • Freeze hairspray LOL Lisa!! Oh wouldn’t I love to see a picture of you with your hair like that.Ha ha! Perhaps a post about your 80’s adventures in styles?

      I do remember our neighbor girl who was about 12 years old in 1987 getting in trouble in school because the person who sat behind her couldn’t see the blackboard because of how high her bangs stuck up! I laughed so hard when she told me about it, but I distinctly remember that she didn’t think it was funny at all! HA! I think the only thing that cheered her up after that was a big piece of Speghetto o nooo pie! LOL!

  4. Don’t you know that kidneys are the lobster of organ meat?
    And don’t they use pancreas in spam?

    A tip for you – if you replace the puff pastry with waffles, Spaghetti O Nooooooo’s are delicious!

  5. Okay – I was just about to start cooking my dinner when I read this – now I’m laughing too much! 😀

    I remember my mother used to cook lambs brains when we were kids (for some reason everyone would be ‘out’ on those nights) 😀

    • Lamb brains! Did you ever taste them? Now I’m curious about what a lamb brain would taste like. HA! (But not curious enough to find out!)

      I remember my grandmother telling about how her father considered fish eyes and scrambled eggs a real treat! 😀

      • Hahaha – fish eyes are a real treat! (not). Lambs brains are kind of mushy. You cover them in bread crumb and fry them. I remember opening the fridge one morning to see an enormous ox tongue hanging over the shelf (ARGH). I guess with six kids my parents had to get the cheapest cuts of meat…

        • OX tongue! Holy Cow! That reminds me of Angela’s Ashes where the only part of the pig they could afford was the oink. Hahahaha! I bet your mom used breadcrumbs on the ox tongue too — your parents sound like they were very resourceful indeed, Dianne! 😀

  6. The pie….good grief. Such an enticing crust, I would be licking my lips when served looking forward to a melt in the mouth beef filling in gravy or a succulent chicken and bacon in a velvety sauce. Only to be heartbroken when opened up to reveal what looks like the pavement outside a nightclub at 4am

  7. Lord a-mercy!! I ain’t rightly seen no gol-blamed sights thet thar alarmin’ since 37 carved th’ Roast Beast, and the Funyuns stuffin’ popped out with Al Gore’s dentures embedded in the whole dang mess– ugh!! : P

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