Trifecta Writing Challenge: I’d Rather be Hyphenating

Hello Dear Readers!  It’s time for the Trifecta Writing challenge which is as follows:

This weekend we are bringing you back to class with a little refresher course on compound modifiers.  We are talking about two words that combine together to describe something.  Such as a well-rounded individual or a one-way street or a lightly-oiled pan.  Here’s a fun Trifextra trick: conventionally, if the compound modifier comes BEFORE the word it modifies, it requires a hyphen and counts as one word.  If it comes AFTER the noun, it doesn’t need a hyphen and counts as two. For example:
The well-read woman had an extensive vocabulary. (7 words)
The woman was well read and had an extensive vocabulary. (10 words)

. . . . Because it’s only 33 words, we’ll count using our eyeballs instead of our machines, counting each hyphenated modifier as one word.  We encourage you to do so as well.

I’d Rather Be Hyphenating

Eyeball-counting editors

They certainly excel

At counting words upon the page

And other things as well

A hyphenated modifier

Never counts as two

As long as dashy-little lines

Are stuck between the two.

Hyphenated word poem
“Let’s see . . . 27, 28, 29, oh wait . . . that’s not a dash, that’s a coffee stain . . .which would bring it up to 30 . . . .
 Photo Credit:  No one will admit to it.

Until next time . . . I love you

50 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge: I’d Rather be Hyphenating

  1. Love the poem and the drawing. Of course the coffee stain was perfect, I just wonder if its a cyber scam. After all, if you put coffee stains between each word and didn’t get caught, you could submit a 66 word piece!

  2. Linda,you have outdone yourself this time around-if this is not on the winning list then I will be shell-shocked(No need to harp on my not having a shell,ok,now?lol)But serious;y,I love so many things about this piece-first the tongue in cheek humour,second ,ofc the fab writing,third the amazing illustration & last but not the least,the hilarious comment you added below the illustration!Hats off to you my dear friend ((hugs))

    • Oh Atreyee! Gosh I love you comment!! xoxo And thank you so much for this fabulous comment! And I’m totally thrilled that I did get third this week! How about that?

  3. LOL! The story of the walk in closet midget made me laugh. I for one, reserve the right to randomly use dashes and hyphens. I have no memory for the rules so I do what ever looks good. haha! Thanks for the tip but I’m afraid as soon as I read it, I had already forgotten it. Sadly, my brain returns to its eighth grade functioning at the mention of any grammar rules. I have a spotless mind when it comes to things like compound modifiers. 😉

    • LOL!! I have a spotless mind too, Lisa! And in matters of math as well. And I think you could throw history in there too. Everything I know now is only temporary and provided by the magic of Google!

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