More 1967 Italy Food Recipes from Ruth Conrad Bateman

This 1967 recipe booklet features recipes by Italy Expert, Ruth Conrad Bateman.

Dear Readers. Back in 1967, the reigning queen when it came to Italy Food was this woman.

Ruth loves to cook Italy food but don’t bother Ruth when she is cooking Italy food or talking about cooking Italy food. Can’t you see she’s trying to concentrate?  Ruth is an expert on Italy food. Ruth looked Italy up in a World Atlas. Did you know Italy is shaped like a boot? Ha! Ruth Conrad Bateman didn’t think so.

Now this isn’t the first time this blog has fallen all over itself pointing out the Italy food cooking expertise of Ruth Conrad Bateman, but, obviously,  this blog just can’t get enough of Ruth Conrad Bateman! And who could?

Let’s look a little closer at Ruth’s deep understanding of a country you may or may not have heard of before called Italy.  Here is just a smattering of Ruth Conrad Bateman’s Italy food wisdom. Ruth says:

Good advice, Ruth Conrad Bateman.  So allow this blog to summarize Ruth’s wonderful advice, if it may be so bold:

  • When Italy people get sauced, they want more pasta than sauce, and they like their pasta dressed in butter and cheese.
  • When American people get sauced, they want more sauce than pasta and they don’t care what it’s wearing.

Next here’s Ruth Conrad Bateman’s explanation for how Italy people cook eggplant the Italy way like Italy people do.

Good advice again, Ruth Conrad Bateman! (How does she do it?)  So allow this blog to summarize Ruth’s wonderful advice for broiling  Italy Egg Plant, the Italy way, if it may be so bold:

  • Broil some eggplant

And finally, Ruth Conrad Bateman sets us straight about Italy Meat Sauce Bolognese:

Ruth Conrad Bateman says this Italy sauce is for cannelloni, spaghetti and other pasta. What other pasta?  Ruth Conrad Bateman says if she is granted an audience with the pope who actually lives in Italy and if he gives her a special dispensation to disclose the other pasta  . . then maybe she’ll tell us what it is but don’t  get your hopes up because Ruth Conrad Bateman is kind of a little brat especially about Italy stuff.

Ruth tells us that this recipe for Meat Sauce Bolognese is made of Italy Bologna in the town of Bologna which is the Eating Capital of Italy. This blog doesn’t even have to look at Ruth Bateman’s recipe for Meat Sauce Bolognese in order to summarize it:

  • Even though this Italy recipe is full of Italy balogna
  • It will never be as full of Italy balogna as the weird and wonderful Italy Food Expert Ruth Conrad Bateman!

Uh oh . . . is it this blog’s imagination or is Ruth Conrad Bateman giving us the  Italy evil eye?

Is this the Italy Evil Eye of Ruth Conrad Bateman?

Uh . . . this might be a good time to bid you Salve! Dear Readers — which is Italy talk for “bye”.

Now  . . slowly . . . very slowly . . . let’s just . . . back out . . .  of . . . the . . . . room . . . shh . . .

Until next time . . . I love you.

14 thoughts on “More 1967 Italy Food Recipes from Ruth Conrad Bateman

  1. Aaaaauuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh those dead non-matching eyes…make them go away…shudders…I’m going to have nightmares. I just know it.

    • I’m sorry Rich. Does this mean I won’t be invited to your next costume party because I was planning to come as Ruth Conrad Bateman? I guess I’ll go ahead and cancel the cornea transplant operation then.

    • Haha Papizilla. I think everybody actually looked that way because back in 1967 nobody left the house before drinking a big glass of LSD. LOL! And thank you so much for Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I’ve never been nominated for that one before. Thank you!!! 😀

  2. Haha! I’ve missed Ruth Conrad Bateman and her Italy food. “Broil some eggplant.” LOL! The summaries are perfect and necessary. Ruth Conrad Bateman is obviously an Italy genius so sometimes her lessons are over my head. I’m glad you simplified the lesson on getting sauced. Speaking of which, I think RCB’s evil eye(s) are enough to drive the Pope to get sauced!!!

    • LOL Lisa! She are so right! I think RCB could evil eye the pope to his knees which is just as well because he can reach the communion “sauce” better from that position anyway! I love the image of RBC and the pope knocking back a few before digging into a big bowl of egg plant! 😀

  3. Oh – Ruth Conrad Bateman’s eyes are terrifying! I wonder if she ever ventured to Italy – or maybe she was too afraid that it might be filled with Italy people… 😀

  4. Ruth Conrad Bateman will tell us “Don’t forget the cannelloni!” after we’ve made her famous saucy past dish and murdered her enemies.

  5. Good Lord! Ruth is clearly Carol Burnett’s evil twin!! Let’s all sing:

    I’m so glad we had this time to-gether…
    Just to have a laugh and share a recipe…
    Seems we just get started and before you know– it–
    Comes the time we have to eat Spaghetti Oooooooo’s…

    (sniffs, wipes pasta sauce tear from eye)

    • Tears of pasta sauce!! LOL Mark! You’re bringing a tear to my eye!!! And she does look just like Carol’s evil twin. She looks like she could turn into Nora Desmond at any moment! And finally thanks to your comment, I now know why Carol Burnett always had spaghetti sauce on her earlobe.

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