“Mummy tell me again about Labor Day.”

Welcome Dear Readers!  Well it’s Labor Day here in the United States of America!  Which means a lot of people get the day off.  Nobody knows why and nobody cares why.

Well, Dear Readers, I for one, feel that Labor Day is getting the shaft, and that’s why I have taken the liberty of writing an educational story about Labor Day to create awareness for Labor Day appreciation.

Mummy, Tell Me Again About Labor Day

“Mummy tell me again about Labor Day,” little Tommy Sweatington begged his mother one fine Labor Day morn. For as you know mummy,” little Tommy continued,” ’tis my favorite American Federal holiday of all!

Mummy Sweatington looked up from her task of scrubbing the floors of City Hall with a toothbrush and replied, “Tommy!  How many times have I told you never to come to City Hall wearing your pajamas!”

Mummy’s harsh words made Tommy’s heart sink and push down on his kidneys in such a way as to make the tears in Tommy’s eyes shoot out at odd trajectories.  But then he remembered it was Labor Day, his favorite American Federal holiday and his heart floated back up to it’s proper position and his tears reversed their trajectory and went back into his eyes.

Once his vision cleared, Tommy noticed something very strange.  His mother was workingMummy was working on Labor Day! 

“Mummy!” screamed Tommy, don’t you know that in 1882 Matthew MacGuire proposed Labor Day after witnessing a labor festival held in  Toronto Canada which eventually led to the observance of my most beloved American Federal Holiday  — Labor Day?  Mummy, I implore you to tell me why you are working on Labor Day?”

At this, Tommy became agitated and then Tommy became appalled and finally Tommy became apoplectic — which didn’t last very long — because right after that Tommy went back to being appalled and then merely agitated and by the time his mother looked up to answer his question, Tommy was pretty much back to normal.

“But Tommy Dear,” Mummy Sweatington replied, “I’m not working.  Scrubbing the floors of the City Hall is my hobby, silly!”

“But Mummy!” Tommy protested.  “Why would you want to have a hobby that requires you to scrub the floors of City Hall with your toothbrush?”

” Tommy darling, you don’t understand.  I’m not using my toothbrush to scrub the floors of City Hall, I’m using your toothbrush!”

And a good Labor Day laugh was had by all!

“That Mummy’s a riot!”


Happy Labor Day!

Until next time . . . I love you

8 thoughts on ““Mummy tell me again about Labor Day.”

  1. Would I be right in thinking Linda you are a great fan of Lucille Ball?
    There is always a Lucy element to your excellent posts. Thanks for your entertainment and its sad though when you think of people’s hobbies extending to cleaning floors with toothbrushes. But some people get off on the weirdest things.

    • Oh isn’t that interesting that you see that element of Lucy in my writing. I’ve got to admit that I am a huge fan of I Love Lucy and if my life were a movie, the soundtrack would be I Love Lucy. I’ve watched it ever since I was a little girl, and my kids watched it when they were little and now my grand son knows all the Lucy characters!

      And you’re right, there probably are a lot of people out there who enjoy scrubbing their floors with toothbrushes as a hobby. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a reality show don’t you think? 😀

  2. You always have nice names for your holidays, each one of ours is called the same thing – Bank Holiday. I’m going to ask The Queen, or Mick Jagger – whoever is in charge, to change each name.

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