33-Word Trifecta Challenge: The Movie Set

Welcome Dear Readers to this weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge where we are asked to write to about famous trios.

One Day on the Movie Set

This scene needs pigs, who hired the bears?

The mice, sir.

Are they, blind?


Who hired blind casting directors?

Three Musketeers, sir. 

Bring them here!



Eaten by the bears, sir.

“Hey! Save some fluffy nugget center for your old man, will ya?”

Until next time  . . . I love you



26 thoughts on “33-Word Trifecta Challenge: The Movie Set

  1. Ha!ha!So funny Linda!You know,in India we have a saying in our National language Hindi,,which means whenever there is a trio,things go wrong-this sure proves it 😀

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