My Brain Peanuts Presents: The World in a Nutshell

Welcome Dear Readers to  “The World in a Nutshell”  where my brain, Peanuts, will attempt to recreate a map of the world drawing on nothing but hearsay, vague general impressions and a third-rate education.

Today’s Map:  South America

A map of South American based entirely on my brain, Peanuts, vague impressions
A map of South American based entirely on Peanuts vague impressions

Please study the map above.  Are you done studying it?  Great!


This concludes  “The World in a Nutshell” lesson for today, Dear Readers.   Please drop in next time when Peanuts thinks up some different stuff about a different part of the world!

Until next time . . . I love you

26 thoughts on “My Brain Peanuts Presents: The World in a Nutshell

  1. Little known fact… Paraguay and Uruguay are actually the same country. Illiterate map makers have been a problem throughout history. WW2 started because Hitler thought he was sending his storm troopers in Australia and was disappointed when Rommel couldn’t bring back a stuffed Koala Bear for Eva. It’s not always the map makers fault, though – Newark used to be part of New York, but even New York has to draw the line somewhere, so an angry mob of Knickerbockers, led by Teddy Roosevelt (the most badass President) broke into the Cartographer General’s office and forcibly changed the spelling. And beat up former President and New Jersey icon Grover Cleveland on two non-consecutive occasions.

    • Hahaha! Apparently I’m not the only one around here who knows . . . stuff! And here I always thought Hitler didn’t invade Australia just to be nice. Live and learn! Teddy Roosevelt was the most badass president, I concur! And I’m going to be taking the image of Grover Cleveland getting beat up by Teddy Roosevelt on two non-cosecutive occassions! with me as I go about my day,
      Seb. (I’m sorry to hear Paraguay and Uruguay aren’t two separate countries. I’ve always kind of thought of them like the Olsen Twins of South America.)

    • Yes this post definitely should confirm your suspicions. I just looked it up and what I want to know is what’s a horn got to do with a cape? At least the people who named The Cape of Good Hope had a reason for it. (And go ahead and take the quiz, Sandy, heck, I’d never be able to figure out your score anyway!)

    • Well see, now you can cancel that trip you had planned to South America. If you include continental drift in there, I figure you’ll be living in Patagonia by next Thursday so you might want to buy an inner-tube. Of course that’s just a rough calculation. We Americans pride ourselves on our ability to calculate roughly. (At least I do.)

      • gosh, this is proving too much for my brain especially the thought of scores and calculations. i’ll just paddle over to patagonia and by next thursday i should be catching some waves there. That’s if someone can keep the sharks in Australia. (That’s bottom right of the globe from where I’m standing…)

        • That’s Australia? I thought that was Austria. Oh great! Now I’ve got all the Austrian Sharks rounded up for no good reason. Well that’s okay, they’ll probably be loose by Thursday anyway.

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