Mr. Hoink’s Farm

Linda Vernon humor illustration of cow getting scratched by Mr. Hoink

7 thoughts on “Mr. Hoink’s Farm

  1. And if you’ve ever been poinked, you know how painful that can be. This is timely, as we are taking a trip to the county fair in a few days where there will be many, many pigs. cows and their poinking keepers.

  2. I just love love love your poems! I REALLY hope you put them together in a book (maybe a kids book like Where the Sidewalk Ends) complete with your illustrations. I would buy it for all my teacher friends to read to their class!

  3. Now, you just need a clever melody so children can learn the words and sing along. I agree with Jackie. This stuff would make great children’s book material.

    • Thanks Russell. Yes, it could be a song couldn’t it? I should put my son to work on that. He has a band. They could perform it! HA! I really like the thought of that. 😀

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