A Visit from The Overly-Creative Writing Lady

Welcome Dear Readers!   I am happy to report that the Overly-Creative Writing Lady has agreed to come by the blog everyday this week and leave us with some some of her very own, unique, overly-creative thoughts on life.  Today, she slipped this poem under the door:

When Writing A Book


The Overly-Creative Writing Lady

The Overly Creative Writer Lady breaks in the blog

When writing a book

By hook or by crook

It’s best to start in the middle

Then work out each day

From the middle each way

(With the concept you later can fiddle)


overly creative writer lady Linda Vernon Humor

Now don’t give a thought

To the pacing or plot

For those things will take care of themselves

And don’t get bogged down

With the place or the town

(Just make all your characters elves)

overly creative writer lady advice linda vernon humor

Some writers they say

An outline’s the way

To keep it all straight in your head

Well forget what you’ve heard

You can polish each word

(For the rest of your life till your dead)

Overly creative writer lady side view

 Just stick in some sorrow

Some hope for tomorrow

Make your characters lisp with a  limp

You also might try

To give one a glass eye

(On character flaws never scrimp)

Overly creative writer lady linda vernon humor

Now I suppose

It’s time for a close

From the book writing lesson herein

Just remember to try

To keep the bar high

(Perhaps as far up as your chin)

Until next time . . . The Overly-Creative Writer Lady Loves You

6 thoughts on “A Visit from The Overly-Creative Writing Lady

    • Haha! Oh Michael. I knew you could relate to starting in the middle. I always try to head in all directions at once — I find I can cover a lot of ground that way. Unnecessary ground, yes. but ground just the same! 😀

  1. Excellent!! I immediately took this good advice to heart: I started reading this post in the middle, then worked my way up and down at the same time. It made my eyes are all bloodshot, of course, and now they’re bulging like Al Gore’s during the tour at the Funyun factory!!

    Loved the wonderful spot drawings of The Overly-Creative Writing Lady, especially the one where she looks perfectly deranged, right below the immortal line, On Character Flaws never scrimp– ha!! Vivid and vivacious verse, and I suspect TOCWL had some help from you, dear Linda!! : )

    • Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed the antics of TOCWL! But so sorry to hear that you’re eyes are resembling Al’s at the Funyun Factory. LOL! But picturing Al’s eyes at the Funyun factory has made my day. In fact, I shall keep the picture of him in my mind’s eye and call upon it whenever I need a chuckle. Thank you Mark. I can always count on you to make me feel warm and fuzzy! 😀

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