Current Events Coloring Pages

Welcome, Dear Readers. I think you will all agree that this world doesn’t need more news.  What this world needs is more news coloring pages.  This blog has taken actual news stories from around the world and turned them into coloring pages for your coloring convenience.

Chimps Make a Sponge Tool

While it is already well established that chimps use tools for a variety of reasons, Dr. Catherine Hobaiter and her research team filmed chimps teaching each other how to use a new tool, a type of ‘sponge’ made from crumpled leaves that chimps were teaching each other to dip into a pond to help them drink.

“Basically, if you saw it done, you learned how to do it, and if you didn’t, you didn’t,” Dr. Hobaiter was actually quoted as saying.

The Chimps Teaching Each Other How to Get a Drink of Water Using New Type of “Sponge Tool” Coloring Page

chimps using tools


The Waffling Robot

Researchers at Bristol University set up an experiment in which a robot was programmed specifically  for the task of preventing other robots from falling down a hole.

When the research team ran the experiment, they found that the robot tasked with saving the robots only managed to do so half the time because the robot doing the rescuing dithered around too long trying to figure out which robot to help — resulting in both robots falling down the hole.

The Worryingly Indecisive Robot Coloring Page

Worryingly Indecisive Robot Coloring Page

The Heroic Rhododendron

Ryan Campbell had been enjoying a camping trip with his friends in Kentucky when an unfortunate incident almost cost him his life.  He had been sleeping peacefully in his hammock when during the early hours of the morning, he started sleepwalking and stepped off a 60-foot cliff a short distance from the campsite.

He was only saved by the  Rhododendron bush that broke his fall.

The Ryan Campbell Cheating Death Sleepwalking Over a 60′ Cliff and Landing in a Rhododendron Bush  Coloring Page

The Ryan Campbell Cheating Death Coloring Page

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  Happy Coloring!

Until next time . . . I love you


12 thoughts on “Current Events Coloring Pages

  1. Jolly good stuff Linda but did you know radicalized earwigs in Borneo are close to capturing an ant’s nest……….nearby bees are struggling to cope with vast numbers of fleeing ants!

  2. Hahaha! I love these! I think the robots falling into the hole is my favorite. These news stories are so much more fun to color than coloring about BART strikes or Senate races. Zzzzzzz.

  3. I’m always so conflicted when I read your wunnaful, wunnaful posts, my dear Linda!! Why?? Because they make me laugh and cry at the same time!! No, wait– I’m laughing so hard I’m crying, so there’s no conflict at al!! (exactly what Al Gore says about Funyuns and his bloated, oily corpus– no conflict at all!!)

    My fave coloring page was the monkeys, ’cause the wise old hip monk drinkin’ the Windex outtta a straw is clearing thinkin’ to himself: Glad I ain’t as dumb as them two primitive morons!!

    Great stuff, you’re one of my favorite cartoonists– really!!! : )

    • Haha Mark. Well I’m sure you’re not as conflicted as Al Gore’s Mom when she first set eyes on Al’s bloated Funyon face, one that only a mother could love — and even she was iffy!

      And being one of your favorite cartoonists really blows me away Mark!! Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words, Mr. Markie MacGiggles!! I’m honored.

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