The Onomatopoeia Sisters’ Phone Call

Onomatopoeia Sisters' Phone Call


Until next time, I love you

15 thoughts on “The Onomatopoeia Sisters’ Phone Call

  1. Dear Linda, this post crashed into my ears, a resounding cacophony of sounds like an afternoon in the Australian bush listening to the chatter and chirp of all around you. Havagoodweekendmate!!

  2. Every time I talk on the phone I’m pretty sure that’s how I sound to Henry. No wonder he only makes aaaah sounds!

  3. Linda… I know you once mentioned winning the Bulwer contest for the year’s worst opening paragraph, which I appreciate a lot, having read them with interest for many years… Smart Bee, my dB, presented me with this one from another Lynda, & I thought you’d appreciate it, as it sounds just like something you’d have written… It goes like this:

    From the coffee-colored skies, rain dripped incessantly on the grounds of the deCroissant estate and on the upturned mugs of Link Sausage, private eye, and his girl friend Patti, who knew they had to split this case – deCroissant may have been totally flaky, but his French wife, Miette, had been the toast of three continents until
    someone (either deCroissant himself or possibly Miette’s hard-boiled lover, Poche) had cracked under the pressure of shelling out for the lady’s expensive tastes and had scrambled her brains sometime early on this tart spring morning, leaving Link and Patti no choice but to grill both men before either had a chance to waffle his way out of the current jam. — Lynda Carraher (From ”Son of ‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”’)

    I thought, when I read it, that the name might be a pseudonym for you…. is it? If not, you should get together with this Lynda, & collaborate on a book or something….

    See ya!….



    • Ahhahah! What a great sentence. No that isn’t my synonym but I sure wish I would have written it. Hilarious! She and I really ought to get together. Can you imagine the bad writing she and I could put out there! LOL! Thanks for sending it along, Ned. I really got a kick out of it!

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