Gregory’s Bible Stories: Baby Jesus and the Wise Old Men

Welcome Dear Readers to this week’s edition of Gregory’s Bible Stories. Today Gregory learned about when three wise old men visited the baby Jesus.

gregoryBaby Jesus and The Three Wise Old Men

“Gosh Mary, I know God wants us to name him Jesus, but I kinda had my heart set on Morty.”

Once upon a time there were three wise old men who lived somewhere (nobody knows where).  Their names might have been Kaneezer, Ferod and Ringo (but nobody knows for sure).  They spent a ton of time studying the stars.  One night while looking up at the stars there was a very strange occurrence.

Kaneezer:  Hey guys!  Come out here!  Lookee what I found!

Ferod:  What? Just tell us. Ringo and I are trying to eat our dinner, Kaneezeer.

Kaneezer:  No you’ve got to come and see this for yourselves, guys.  You won’t believe it!

Ferod:    But our bread will get stale . . . you gonna eat the rest of your pomegranates, Ringo?

Ringo:   Yeah.  You gonna eat the rest of your figs?

Kaneezer:  Listen you guys, first of all, unleavened bread doesn’t get stale and even if it did you’d never know the difference.  Secondly, I just saw a star in the sky that is telling me that “The King has been born” and thirdly,  it’s double parked outside waiting to guide us to Him.

Ringo:  A king’s been born?

Kaneezer:  Not a king THE king!  We’ve got to hurry over there and take Him some presents.

Ferod:  “Presents? But what will we get him?

Ringo:  How about a dreidel?

Kaneezer:   I already took the liberty of getting Him a bag of gold, a bundle of incense and jug of sweet-smelling perfume from all of us.

Ringo:  Those gifts don’t seem very age appropriate, Kaneezer.

Kaneezer:  Hey, I’m a wise old man, what do I know from babies?  Anyway, I also got him a really cute card that you guys need to sign. Now go pack your camels and let’s hit the road.

“Can I hold Him?”
“Uh . . . maybe later.”


Kaneezer:  Wasn’t The King the cutest baby you ever saw when He lay down His Sweet Head?

Ferod:  I know! And even when he didn’t!

Ringo:   And did you notice He didn’t even cry when the cattle started lowing their heads off?

Kaneezer:  I know!  And their barn’s right next to the pasture too.

Ferod:  What a Trooper!

Ringo:  Mary and Joseph told me He’s already sleeping through the night!

Ferod:  Oh good, that means He’s probably not allergic to straw.

Kaneezer:  Hey did you happen to notice all the stars looking down where He lay?

Ringo:  I know!  Before tonight, I didn’t even realize stars could “look”!

Ferod:  And did you get a load of all those angels?

Kaneezer:  I know! I almost wet my pants when they started unfurling their peaceful wings!

Ferod:  But you’re not wearing pants, you’re wearing a robe.

Kaneezer:  Oh yeah my bad.

Ringo:  I really loved it when the herald angels started singing “Hark!”

Ferod:  I know, that’s my new favorite song!

Kaneezer:  Me too!

Ringo:  Me three!

Kaneezer:  Hey lookee guys!  There’s an Inn 6.  Let’s  spend the night there shall we?

Ringo:  Okay, but something tells me there’s not going to be any vacancies.

And there you have it, Dear Readers.  Oh and Gregory would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Until next time . . .I love you

6 thoughts on “Gregory’s Bible Stories: Baby Jesus and the Wise Old Men

  1. And just in time Linda, my Christmas prep is now complete. Though your three wise men did sound a little like the three wise men in ‘The Life of Brian’ but of course all that was a mistake about identity. Having thought of that just now and the other favourite line from that movie: “Blessed are the cheesemakers’ I shall bid you a safe and happy Christmas Linda to you and your family. Have a good one.

    • LOL! I love that line. Blessed are the cheesemakers’! In fact I think I’ll put that movie on this Christmas Eve!

      I’m all set to go too and ready for the holiday. And I hope you and yours have the best Christmas ever– throwing shrimps on the Barby and basking in the wonderful Australia sunshine!

  2. Linda,
    Greetings, from elsewhere on the planet…

    It’s funny how all these baby Jesus stories pop up this time of year, isn’t it? I wonder why that is? Is there something going on around here I’m missing? Oh, right… never mind. Got it…. took me a while….

    How’s tricks, milady?

    Ned, aka gigoid, from somewhere in the depths of his own mind, where he is lost again….


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