A Mini-Bedtime Story for Grown-up Children

One Day at the Eiffel Tower


Mademoiselle Bouillabaisse-Bourgeois crossed the lobby of the Eiffel Tower and all eyes drank of her beauty like they were drinking a tumbler of Chardonnay after eating a dry, 16-inch baguette.

But no eyes drank more than Benny Flump’s.  Benny’s eyes were bigger than his stomach when it came to beautiful French women, and Benny thought Mademoiselle Bouillabaisse-Bourgeois the most beautiful creature he had ever mispronounced.

They would marry!

At the top of the Eiffel Tower she said, “I do.”  Benny replied “adieu” and then jumped.

Benny Flump’s linguistic skills left a lot to be desired which I guess I should have said in the first place.

The End

leaping from Eiffel Tower

7 thoughts on “A Mini-Bedtime Story for Grown-up Children

  1. The only French I learned from Robert Benchley is “trop cher” – I can’t remember which story. Perchance (who says perchance anymore ?) (oh, me) you know, Linda.

    • I think the one you’re thinking of might have been “Why We Laugh—Or Do We”. Perchance it is —or perchance it is not. Either way I think “perchance” is going to be my favorite word for the day. Plus you got me in the mood for some Benchley and that’s always a good thing!

  2. No, no, no, my apologies. I was thinking of his essay MacGregor for Ataman. I have an oddly selective memory. And I don’t get to do the selecting.

    • Oh! I love the MacGregor essays. My favorite is the one that starts out with “If we had a goat it would solve all our problems.” I’m getting out my Benchley books tonite! I miss him. I don’t want to brag but I have all his books mostly found at thrift store over the years. But, of course, you’d never be lucky enough to find one at a thrift store nowadays. And that is what’s wrong with the world of today.

  3. Stomach convulsing repeatedly with joy!! “I do”… “Adieu”… something was lost in the translation, and it was poor shattered, splattered Benny Le Flump!! Oh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Must mop my eyes with a dry 16” baguette and go lie down… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💥🚑

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