Trifecta Writing Challenge: Creature Comfort Food

This weekends 33-word Trifecta Challenge is to look at the picture and write about what happens next:


Creature Comfort Food 

What’s for dinner mommy?

Creature from the Black Lagoon stir fry. 

I hate creature from the Black Lagoon stir fry, why can’t daddy ever go fishing in a lake.

Because Daddy hates fish.

Unitl next time . . . I love you






Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge: A Very Special Mother’s Day Gift


I am so happy and delighted, Dear Readers, to announce that My Brain Peanuts wrote a story called Henny Zoots Meets an Enigma that won this week’s Trifecta Writing challenge!! YAY!  My Brain Peanuts will be celebrating by eating three  huge pieces of Trifecta Writing Challenge Triple Chocolate Cake! 

Now for the weekend challenge:  write a 33-word story incorporating the word mother.

A Very Special Mother’s Day Gift

 Father outdid himself the year he arranged for Mother to square off with Sonny Liston for Heavyweight Champion of the World.  The fight lasted seven seconds.  Pity she didn’t remember any of it!

Until next time . . . I love you