Dwell in a Yak-free Zone

Let’s take a look at the magazine dwell;  it will be swell. 

Lady relaxing on a slab of cement
Nothing like the feel of cement to put the "omf" in comfy!

The Art of the Dwell

On the cover of  the July/August 2011 issue of dwell, we see a woman smiling as she relaxes on a slab of cement.

I remember being in a dwelling such as this  in 4th-grade when our class took a field trip to Grand Coulee Dam.

Of course, there weren’t any colorful throw pillows or comfy 3-inch pads to sit on.   But the field trip would have been a  dam sight better had there been.

Cement structure called grand coulee dam
What? The Government couldn't afford a few throw pillows with the taxes we pay?

But, sadly, we weren’t living in a modern world when I was in the 4th-grade.  We were living in the 1960’s, and  it only seemed like we were living in the modern world.  How very foolish we were!

Even if we would have known we were living in a modern world at the time, we  wouldn’t have had the slightest idea how to feel at home in the modern world and would have just ended up panicking.

Enter: dwell —  a magazine that is a publication specifically about being:  “At Home in the Modern World”

Guess what dwell Magazine did?  Nevermind, I’ll tell you. First, they scoured the world and then after scouring the world, they finally found a couple who had been living in a yurt and who, therefore,  had saved up enough money to buy a new house and ten thousand dollars worth of furniture.

people sitting
Mr. and Mrs. Yurt and the little Yurt-ling
And guess what?  Nevermind I’ll tell you. Once the house was completed and all the furniture had arrived, dwell Magazine stepped in to help the yurt people arrange said furniture.  All it took was a team of  “Visual Specialists”, some “Delivery Associates” and  “a stringer from the staff of dwell magazine”  to get the living room whipped into shape by arranging it thusly:
Room for Improvement
We know it doesn't look all that impressive. But it might if you "dwell" on it.
Thank goodness for dwell Magazine for God only knows how wrong things could have gone with just the yurt people pushing and shoving things around to make everything fit.  They probably would have used their yak for a coffee table for crying out loud!
Yake running
"Would you hold still, Bessie or Bossie, whatever your name is!"
Thank goodness there were teams of professional professionals standing by to move things a hair to the right or left — so as to give it the effect of just rightness in a modern world so that now the yurt people can finally sit back relax and say, thank you dwell Magazine  (and whoever) for taking all the credit for making us feel at home in the modern world.
We could have done it without you but whatever.
Until next time . . . I love you

One thought on “Dwell in a Yak-free Zone

  1. Dwell creeps me out. It sounds like a magazine made for antisocial crazies who live in caves. In fact, it reminds me a bad dream in which I was living in some kind of stone cave and but still had my coffee table and my futon in the dank cave home. Thanks for making me relive that nightmare Dwell!

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