Friday Fictioneers: Jennifer Spectacular

Welcome Dear Readers!  

The week has rolled around again to Wednesday, (the week likes to roll around — kind of like a roll-a-way bed in an earthquake — only without the mattress) which means it’s time for The Friday Fictioneer Challenge!  Yay!

Challengers are asked to write a 100-words story about the weekly picture that is on display over at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple.   Rochelle is our hostess with the mostess and the Friday Fictioneering-est!

This week’s picture was provided courtesy of Randy Mazie at the Writer’s Village, who subscribes, like I do, to the theory that no story is complete unless there’s a goat involved in there somewhere.  Thank you Randy!

Copyright Randy Mazie

 Jennifer Spectacular

“Baaaaa!” Cried Jennifer Spectacular.

Arthur marked his place in Three Billy Goats Gruff and looked up momentarily. “Didn’t that banana agree with you, Jennifer?”


“Well, I warned you about gulping down a banana after eating a purse, a chain-link fence and a can of Sprite, now didn’t I?


“No I don’t have any Tums.”


“Don’t call me that!”


Why you ungrateful little goat!


“What do you mean what am I doing?  I’m calling animal control to come get you!”




“Do you really mean that, Jennifer Spectacular?”


“Okay, I’m sorry too.”


Until next time . . . I love you

51 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Jennifer Spectacular

    • Well, yes, but there is a lot of nuance involved in the placement of emphasis on the a’s. I’m waiting for the Goat Rosetta Stone to come out on the market! 😀

  1. It must have been the banana peel or perhaps that can of motor oil I ate but reading this I’m suddenly feeling ver-baaaaah!

    • Ahaha! Maybe you should have ordered the coin purse appetizer, Rochelle, instead of the handbag sandwich. I can’t tell you how many Tums I’ve gone through since eating a Coach Bag for dessert last week! 😀

  2. Baa-d to the bone!

    … and you’re right! No story is EVER complete unless there’s a goat involved in there somewhere.

    Great Story.
    Nothing like an overeating goat, who can’t keep her purse down after eating a banana. Someone needs to teach her how to purge – or some portion control.

    Your old friendly goat, Randy

    • Haha Randy! Oh I like the idea of teaching a goat how to purge. Maybe Jennifer only appears Spectacular on the surface, but underneath all is not well. Bwhahaha! You mind goes in entertaining directions, Randy, you friendly goat you!

  3. Awesome dialog. I find the goat to be particularly witty. So cleverly written and hysterically funny. I wish there was a “love” button.

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