A Christmas Visit from Mr. Scrooge


A Christmas Visit from Mr. Scrooge



Linda Vernon Humor Christmas Story
“Here’s your Christmas present, Tiny Tim.  It’s a Schwinn Bicycle.”
“It looks like Necco Wafers to me.”
“Shut up and eat your bicycle.”

Until next time . . . I love you








17 thoughts on “A Christmas Visit from Mr. Scrooge

  1. Holy Necco!!

    I didn’t realize Scrooge was the bass player for Jimi Hendrix!! I recognized him from his electro-do, faucet nose, and veddy cool striped felt pants!!

    Poor Incredible Shrinking Tim– I fear he won’t be with us next Christmas. Heck, he wont be with us for New Year’s!!! : P

  2. Hahahah! Nothing says cool like a pair of striped felt pants! You’ll have to excuse me now as I have to go find my microscope. Tiny Tim’s mom asked me to keep an eye on him!

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