A Very ‘OMG!! Shut the Hell Up, Girlfriend!’ Christmas!

Merry Christmas Dear Readers and welcome to the very first day of the five days of Blog Festivus 2013.  For Blog Festivus 2013,  I’ll be posting a 200-word Christmas story every day this week based on Charles Dickens Christmas Carol.   For more details, pop over to Blogdramedy and  read all about it!

A Very ‘OMG!! Shut the Hell Up, Girlfriend!‘ Christmas!

OMG!! Shut the hell up, girlfriend!  Did I hear you correctly?  You’re telling me my boyfriend, Ebenezer Scrooge, is getting me a Christmas gift this year? The original Mr. Cheapskate? What’s that?  You have it on good authority!  Why that adorable, darling, wonderful Neezy! Who knew he was such a sweetheart?  OMG!! I just thought of something, girlfriend!  OMG!! It’s an engagement ring, isn’t it, girlfriend?  OMG!! What’s that?  You can’t tell me?  Shut the hell up, girlfriend, of course you can!  OMG!! I promise I won’t spill the beans.  Ebenezer’s not home now anyways.   He’s over at some relative’s house duct taping somebody’s crutch back together.  Who’s crutch? Oh, I don’t know, someone named Tiny Tim, I think.  Ebenezer broke it trying to fish a penny out of a storm drain!  They wanted him to pay for it?  Can you imagine my Neezy paying for anything? What’s that?  No.  I don’t know why they call him Tiny Tim.  Maybe he’s a midget or something. Who cares?  I’m getting engaged!  OMG!! What’s that?  Yes, I know you didn’t say it was an engagement ring.  But shut the hell up, girlfriend!  It’s an engagement ring!! OMG!!

"What?  An engagement right for Moi?  Shut the hell up, girlfriend!"
“What? An engagement right for moi? Shut the hell up, girlfriend!”

Until next time . . . I love you

24 thoughts on “A Very ‘OMG!! Shut the Hell Up, Girlfriend!’ Christmas!

  1. OMG shut the hell up girlfriend. This was hilaaaaaaaaarious!

    The girlfriend’s store closed down so something tells me she would be so excited to be I engaged to a tightwad like Scrooge (but the Bill Murray version).

  2. I have to ask – how does she pull her shirts over that massive head???

    I hope the five days ends with Gregory learning about the birth of christ in sunday school and re-enacting it with marshmallow peeps and maple syrup.

  3. Great, great, GREAT illustration!! “Neezy”???? I never knew ol’ Scrooge had a pet name!!

    Somebody broke your crutch?? Shut the hell up, you insufferable little midget!! : )

  4. LOL! Hi Mark! Haha! I guess there were a lot of things I never knew about Scrooge before I wrote this story. It’s amazing what facts will come to a person out of thin air. I guess this story just proves there’s somebody out there for everyone and I do mean everyone. Oh except for insufferable midgets on crutches perhaps!) (And to know that Mark Armstrong Illustrator likes my drawing? Well that just makes my day!!)

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