Current Events Coloring Pages

Dear Readers.  I think you’ll agree when I say that this world doesn’t need more news.  What this world needs is more news coloring pages.  To that end, this blog has taken it upon itself to provide coloring pages for today’s true news stories gleaned from around the world.

London’s Most Adorable Pyromaniacs:

A pigeon in South London who brought a lit cigarette into his nest at the top of an apartment building started  a highly dangerous blaze that caused the evacuation of 9 people.

Richard Scroggs, who runs The Old Post Office Bakery in Landor Road, was quoted as saying, “Smokers.  What can you say?  I’m glad I gave it up.”

Investigators are on the look out for any pigeons seen smoking or chewing Nicorette gum.

A Careless Dog

A careless dog caused a fire when it jumped on the kitchen counter and accidentally or purposely hit the controls on a toaster resulting in a fire.

To determine if the dog activated the toast on purpose or by mistake, authorities are analyzing the crumbs found on the dog’s face to determine if they were indeed toast crumbs.

London’s Most Adorable Pyromaniac Coloring Page

Adorable Pyromaniacs
Careful Dog, you could start a fire.

Girl Chased by Huge Group of Rabbits and Lives to Tell the Tail

During World War II,  eight rabbits were used to test mustard gas on the Japanese island of Okunoshima.  Since then, the rabbit population has expanded to the point where it is virtually impossible to walk down the road without being stampeded by cotton tails.

Just ask  Yu Yu Lam who got chased by a stampede of rabbits so large, she made national news!

Yu Yu Lam Coloring Page

Y Y lam being chased by rabbits coloring page
Yikes . . .well it’s not really all that scary, I guess.

A Fisheries Officer Witnesses Bigfoot on the Canadian Shoreline

Fisheries officer, Luke Swan Jr., spotted a huge, strange animal crouched down at the side of the water just as he was boarding his boat to push off from the Canadian shoreline.

“It was probably eight or nine feet tall.  When I saw it, it scared me,” Swan stated.  He later returned to the site with his father where they found a series of large tracks measuring 16″ long and 9″ across.

Big Foot Coloring Page:

Big Foot Coloring Page
That’s Bigfoot’s feet alright! And he’s tracking mud all over the forest!

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  Happy Coloring!

Until next time . . . I love you

17 thoughts on “Current Events Coloring Pages

  1. Linda, may I share this on social thingy things? Rather liked it and it reminded me of my son who claims that driving near Manston airport in Kent he was recently ‘chased’ by a bloke piloting the new world’s biggest passenger aircraft (a Boeing ‘something’ of course) who, being a test pilot, had rather got things out of kilter and was 4 foot from the roof of his car for two miles and he thought he was about to die and the video would be shown on YouTube!

    • Yes of course you may share it Mike! Thank you. What a scary experience for your son! I had something like that happen one time when I was driving by Moffit Field in the Bay Area. I swear a huge plane (might have even been the Spruce Goose) nicked the roof of my car. I’m lucky I didn’t have a heart attack!

  2. I knew it! I should of known that Pigeon screwed up my kitchen! dang it, I was making roast before that fire! now, if I could get that toaster back from that dog mmmm…

    • That is one troubled pigeon. And that dog is never going to give up that toaster Andy. You’re going to have to buy a new one. And don’t take the pigeon with you, it’ll just want to stand outside the store and smoke.

  3. Which is the dog and which is the pigeon? Ha. You asked for it.

    Apparently, the island was completely free of mustard gas. Rabbits everywhere rejoiced.

    Are those two gay guys in the Bigfoot coloring pic? They look like guys holding hands.

    • Ahaha! Luckily the pigeon and the dog are both gray so that solves that. No that’s a father and son . . . at least that’s what they told me they were when I drew them . . .hm

  4. Love this! I read about that chain smoking pigeon only this morning on my commute. And at first I thought you were mocking twee Britain referring to an old posy office bakery. So I was stunned to see it is a real place. Guess we are twee 😀

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