Fish it From the Archives Friday: Ode to Al Gore

Welcome to Friday, Dear Readers.  I read recently that Al Gore has taken up a Vegan diet!   I just hope he doesn’t scarf down all the Vegans and will leave some for the rest of us!   Anyway, it got me to thinking about Dear Old Al: 

An Ode To Al


Oh dear Al Gore, we love you so

For making up stuff, as you go

You’re so much fun, you’re such a  gas

And of late, a colossal mass!

Al Gore's epitaph

You are The Man of all things global

The recipient of prizes, Nobel

There’s really nothing we can do

To fill your carbon footprint shoe!

Al_Gore thinking

Though the environment’s in such a state

There’s still not too much on your plate!

There’s greenhouse gas, there’s ecosystems

(Well it’s far too numerous to list ’em)


Oh dear Al Gore, you always please

When a tear for polar bears you squeeze

And when you apply your concentration

You can actually pronounce “deforestation”!


Oh dear Al Gore, what would you do

If we weren’t burning fossil fuel

And melting glaciers left and right

To aid you in your noble fight!


When all is said and done, Dear Al

And you shuffle off to be God’s pal

Those pearly gates you’ll enter yet

For giving us the Internet


Until next time . . . I love you

12 thoughts on “Fish it From the Archives Friday: Ode to Al Gore

  1. What a guy. No wonder he had more popular votes than Dubya. You and I wouldn’t have an internet to blog on today if it hadn’t been for Al.

  2. I’ve always been rather fond of Al Gore – he had an eye for coherent foreign policy which is unusual in post war American administrations. Indeed, from that perspective so did Mr Clinton – in my view from the outside looking in quite the most capable world leader of my lifetime! Now you won’t find many Daily Mail readers saying that! Great verse as ever.

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