A 70’s Party Where Nobody Got the Memo

Welcome Dear Readers!  It’s been far too long since we’ve visited the Slightly Creepy Seventies, the decade that just can’t be rivaled when it comes to the creepy factor in fashions, home decor and food.

Today let’s talk a look back on a Slightly Creepy Seventies party where it would seem that:

Apparently Nobody Got the Memo 

Runny butter



(If the captions are too small, you can click on the picture)seventies party linda vernon humor

Apparently I didn't get the memo

Apparently nobody go the memo

And there you have it, Dear Readers.  A little of the Slightly Creepy Seventies to take you on into the weekend.

Until next time . . . I love you

45 thoughts on “A 70’s Party Where Nobody Got the Memo

  1. This did creep me out. As a child of the 70’s, it makes me want to put on my velvet jacket and chuck a shrimp cocktail… now if only I could get my hands out of this jar… you make me laugh Linda.

    • Oh we absolutely did, didn’t we? Gads! We were living in the futuristic seventies. I remember feeling sorry for my grandparents because they were so old and their lives were over for all intents and purposed in my mind. I think they were in their early 60’s!

  2. It seems everything looks creepier in Technicolor. That garden party is wet and dark. People are standing in mud and everyone is sort of wandering… They MUST be pod people since that was all the rage in the 70’s.

    • Yes! It does look wet. And dark. Probably moldy too. They are definitely in some sort of weird slightly creepy seventies trance. Sadly one from which they may never wake up.

  3. I think I was conceived at that party, green velvet and nightgown look a lot like my parents. I’m glad they bonded over luncheon meat on hemp bread, such an aphrodisiac.

    • Oh I’m laughing at your comment!! Considering nobody’s even talking to each other at first, that must have been some pretty powerful wine. (Give nightgown and green velvet my regards btw!)

  4. Apparently my crowd didn’t get the memo. We were in bellbottoms, smokin’ weed, and chowing down on chips. I do like the nightgown look, but it should be shorter for the perfect 70s effect.

    • Ahahah! I know we could smell your wacky tabaccy wafting from over the fence — where all the cool people were who apparently didn’t get the memo. I wondered why every time I turned around I was filling up the chip bowl (apparently you guys don’t mind eating the slightly-creepy seventies, moist, limp potato chips)

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