More Magazine Mashups

Welcome Dear Readers! It’s time once again for another edition of Magazine Mashups, where my brain, Peanuts, splices together existing magazines to come up new ones.

Today Peanuts took SLO LIfe Magazine:

Slo Life Magazine

And combined it with a Magazine called B:


To Get:

Slob Mag


And there you have it, Dear Readers!  SLOB Magazine!

Until next time . . . I love you

23 thoughts on “More Magazine Mashups

  1. Linda, You are so clever – and deserve your own show – perhaps against Jimmy Fallon or take over for the glue sniffing David Letterman. You are very entertaining! Thanks for the laugh! Nan

    • Oh Nan! Ah, such a nice compliment! Thank you!! Maybe I could be David Letterman’s sidekick’s sidekick. But I only sniff Kindergarten paste so I’m not sure I’d fit.

  2. Linda…if you ain’t careful then you are going to be the first blogger to be killed by a drive-by shooting. CCTV will show a ’14 Bentley Continental with links to Vogue driving by at the critical moment but the jury will return a not guilty decision. Years later, Rupert Murdoch will close down Nutz, Loaded and FHM in a plea-bargain to save his sad posterior.
    …and what will we fans get…? Nuthin’.
    Think of your grand-children!

  3. I vastly prefer slob magi zone over Dwell. Unless you combined the two and got Swell. In which case ever article would be pleasant such as,
    “I found a dollar in my Corduroys”
    “Socks are for suckers! Living a flip flop full life”

    • Ahahaha! I found a dollar in my Corduroys! What a lovely way to start the day! And Living a flip flop full life would be a great article for a political magazine too. 😀

  4. I’m glad you didn’t ask me to pose for this magazine. I would have likely said yes, taken out my front teeth, and put on worst pair of wornout overalls for the photo shoot. I’m not sure your faithful readers could have handled all the excitement.

    • Ha! Oh boy! I’m thinking centerfold, Russell. Nobody can pull off a toothless grin paired with wornout overalls quite like you can. (Except for maybe Tennessee Ernie Ford.)

  5. HAW!! I shook so hard with laughter when I saw that mashed-up-peas cover, I lost 26.5 pounds!! And I’ll probably lose a few more, ’cause now there’s a ton o’ crumbs to clean up!! Truly inspired, my dear Linda! The big question, of course, is how did you get 37 to pose for that couch photo?? Oh, I see, that wasn’t a pose. Oh, dear… : (

    Keep on a-mashin’, and pass the Funyuns!! : )

    • LOL! That’s actually a photo of 37 in his natural habitat! You can’t believe how many secondsI had to keep the camera pointed at the chair hoping that he would somehow make an appearance. That’s actually a infra-red photo of the elusive couch potato. They have been known to stay away from their couches for up to ten to 15 minutes every 24 hours cycle!

      It’s so good to see you here!! I’ll see if I can lure you over here again with a Funyun Magazine!

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