Thrift Store Find: Nuclear Cheese!

I was wandering around my local thrift store on the prowl for the weird, the crazy or the strange — keeping my eyes peeled for the unusual, when guess what I found!

An LP featuring the ominously cheerful Guy Mitchell! That’s what! 

A guy in Love Guy Mitchell Glenn Osser and his orchestra

The first line of the album blurb reads:

This charming collection of ballads by Guy Mitchel has a dual theme; all songs are concerned with romance, and all of them deal in a sense with nature and the outdoors!

I don’t know . . .  judging from the piercingly maniacal gaze of Guy’s baby hazels, I’d have to say Guy is a guy you don’t want to get involved with.  And when I say get involved with I mean accidentally bump into while waiting in line at Target because before you can completely utter the phrase “excuse me” — Guy will have fallen deeply, passionately and hopelessly in Stalker Love.  

And just when I was thinking, thrift store shopping just doesn’t get any better look what I found right underneath Guy!

Sing with the Four Roses Society

The Four Roses Society! A society consisting of eight of  cheesiest human beings to have ever so much as hummed.

If you’ll notice, all the men are drinking straight shots of whiskey, except for one man who is no doubt holding two bottles of Jack Daniels behind his back. (We can only hope.)

One of the songs listed on the album is “Home on the Range”  I like to think that’s what they were singing when this picture was taken.  Which would explain all the howling by the dog, them and you, the listener.

And finally, Dear Readers, just when I was thinking life, itself, doesn’t get any better  I found this!

Pasar Dalam

Pasar Dalam!  Whatever or whoever they may be!

The blurb on the album cover begins:

Wilt u lets welen over de background van deze plaat, wat betreft repetities enz ja . . .

I’ll try to translate this for you as best I can under the circumstances of me not knowing how to speak whatever language this is.  I believe it says:

Will you let us welen over the background of the van please? What? Why are you bereft about that? I’m tired of repeating myself, enz ja . . .

However riveting the above passage, this is not the reason it caught my eye.  I actually noticed the way the guy in the front row is holding up the lady in yellow —  I like to think her name is enz ja . . .

Until next time . . . I love you

29 thoughts on “Thrift Store Find: Nuclear Cheese!

  1. Good finds! I’m pretty sure the language is German, or maybe Dutch; it has elements of both…..have a little whine with your cheese, it goes well….

  2. Hahahaha! What a good laugh I just had! Guy Mitchell is a handsome devil, and by devil I mean his face is sort of red? I think he must be a friend of Peter Lemonjello. They both seem sort of stalkerish…

    What can I say about the Four Roses Society that you didn’t already say? I count 9 Roses including the dog… What do you think that’s all about? Maybe it really is a society?

    Some people say Shalom, I like to say Pasar Dalam! (meaning, I’ll meet you in the woods, don’t forget to wear your vest!)

    • Hahahahahaha! You are making me LAUGH! with those comments! OMG! . . . don’t forget to wear your vest! In your honor, Lisa, I’m sticking that on the end of every sentence I utter today. You are a blast! 🙂

  3. I love this post! It reminds me of a CD I saw at our local record shop that was on resale “Pat Boone In a Metal Mood.” If you Google that, you should find a picture of him with a sparkly eye and a leather vest (nothing underneath said leather vest).

  4. I’m laughing aloud at work right now reading your translation of Pasar Dalam. You really know how to find some gems at the thrift store. And I’ve met my fair share of “Guy Mitchells” over the years. They tend to bring you a huge valentine heart of chocolates and wear jeans while skiing. Obviously you’ve met your fair share as well.

  5. Your thrift store finds are always a hoot. Good going.

    Guy Mitchell reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. One expects a caption reading “Heerrres Johnnie!”

  6. No worries re Guy, I recognize that look: the photo was clearly taken the week after Easter, and he’s just spotted a big package of marshmallow chicks at 75% off. No wait, those eyes– it hadda be 90% off!

    Great post, that Four Roses Society cover is an absolute killer!! (I’m hoping the dog was part of the group, not just a session singer.)

    • OMG Mark. You’re cracking me up and it’s only 7 a.m! Yay! Guy and Marshmellow Chicks . . . that’s it! That and only it! Touche!

      And, psychically speaking, I feel the dog may have been a session singer. 😦

  7. I think all three groups should be invited to a cook off.
    Though I think guy might just snap, eat the others raw and then sing about it…

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