What Came In The Mail

Dear Readers!  I gallivanted to my mailbox this morning, and discovered I had another suitor! 

It seems Xfinity is now in crazy, passionate occupant love with little ol’ moi! 

Ah!  Be still my beating letter opener!

First off, no matter what I decide about whether I’m going to allow myself to be “wooed” by Xfinity, they want me to know that this plastic card that was attached to the occupant love letter is mine to keep!

When it comes to occupant love, a plastic card is the equivalent of a diamond engagement ring except it’s not as sparkly, it can’t cut glass, and isn’t worth diddly, but still . . . .

Then there’s this:

Don’t worry, you don’t need to read it, it’s way too boring, (sigh) however I did read it and here’s what it more or less says:

  • If you pay Xfinity $30 every month, they’ll put security cameras all over your house so that if you decide to go to Hawaii, you’ll be able to sit on the beach and stare at your house on your smart phone to make sure everything is still not stolen every minute of every day until it’s time to come home.
  • Or it means you’ll be able to actually watch live on your smart phone as a burglar breaks into your house and steals all your stuff!
  • And Xfinity is also offering the handy feature of being able to control the lights in your home remotely so that while you are sitting on the beach in Hawaii you can turn the lights on in your house in order to better see the burglar who is stealing all your stuff.

Jeepers!  That’s a pretty good deal Xfinity is offering little ol’ moi!  Let’s see what other occupant tokens of love Xfinity is throwing at me to win my affections:

Oh Goody!  A touch screen controller . . .So when my grandson touches all the buttons trying to access Elmo, it will accidentally trigger the swat team to be dispatched to my house. Well, okay, that’s pretty cool.

And, with this 3 window/door sensors Xfinity is offering to provide me with much needed help when it comes to sensing which is a door and which is a window.  Well that’s over-the-top thoughtful!  I’m really liking the direction Xfinity is going in with this one!

Oh wow!  Every time we move, an alarm will go off at the police department!  Well, I’m all for that.  Who wouldn’t be?

Woo-hoo!  A keypad!  Xfinity doesn’t say what this if for but I think we all know by now, don’t we?  That’s right.  It’s the Xfinity Wireless Keypad to my heart! Because Xfinity has finally managed to woo me with their tokens of occupant affection.

All that’s left to say to Xfinity is,  “you had me at  “Dear Linda Vernon and/or Occupant:  My beloved OOXXOOXXfinity!”

And that’s what came in the mail today, Dear Readers.

Until next time . . . I still love you but not quite as much as I do you know who

10 thoughts on “What Came In The Mail

  1. And for the price of $30 a month you can have the swat team show up at your door and threaten to shoot you every time you fail to put in your code fast enough to disable the sreeching alarm causing a raise in local taxes and heart attacks. Where do I sign up!!

  2. Imagine how relaxing it would be on vacation to stay focused on your house, thinking of all the things that could go wrong… SIGN ME UP!!! LOL! I think the target audience here is young paranoids, because if you’re an old one, you wouldn’t know how to work the technology. Just the other day I called my smart phone a sky phone. I thought my son was going to have a heart attack laughing. lol!!! If Xfinity is courting you, Linda, they must think your young and hip! Whoo-hoo!

    • Hahaha! That is so true, Lisa! I wouldn’t know how to use that technology either and my husband would spend the whole vacation trying to figure out how to use it. HA!

      Hahahah! I wish I had a sky phone! LOL! Oh my kid’s used to laugh at me when I called Facebook My Face. I finally got that one figured out though. And every time I use the expression “What a tool” my kids laugh at me because apparently I don’t really what it means or how to use it. HA! 😀

  3. Count me out! I have no interest in keeping an eye on this miserable old tumble-down shack!! That’s why I stay inside it most of the time… : (

    However, a battery of cameras to keep watch on my Funyuns when Al Gore’s in the neighborhood– hm!! Hello, Xbippity or whoever you is–! : P

    • You know Mark, by gum, I think you’re onto something! Xfinity should change their name to Xbippity and narrow down their services to Al Gore Funyun protection! Can you imagine the amount of new customers they could get? That Al Gore gets around! That alone might get the world economy back on track. You’re a genius Mark. There just isn’t any other word to describe you but genius . . . okay maybe Xbippity too, but mostly genius! 😀

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