Farewell to Thee — My Beloved 3 3 3

Dear Readers, today marks the very last entry for the Trifecta Writing Challenge.

 After years of dedicated service to so many of us  writers, the editors have decided to close up shop and pursue new and exciting adventures.

I can honestly say, I’ve never had so much fun writing as I have writing for the wonderful and thoughtful writing challenges the editors at the Trifecta Writing Challenge set up for us each week.

It boggles my mind when I think of how much time and effort, thought and dedication they put into it. And I learned so much about how to write and met so many wonderful writers!

I appreciate all that they’ve done more than they’ll ever know.  And so it is with a heavy heart that I write this final challenge.

Farewell to Thee My Beloved 3 3 3

 Ah! Creative bliss!

Our weekly word bouquet

Where our words did pile up

 In fabulous array!

But over now, just let me say

There’s really nothing worse

When pretty-little, piled-words

Must scatter and disperse

 With much love and appreciation from just a few of those who would have never existed without you,

Tracey Hollaway
Mr. Wondlewinkie
Deputy Darwood Blick
Melvin Meebee
Wesley Nonlinger
Strutner Von Puddlepants
Mrs. MacSmathers
El Guapo
The Knee Deepians
Puffy Weemers
Piedmond Poink
Toots Tenyada
Heebs Hoover
Spendal Braun
Layla Bernice Stub
Annamarie Anabella Dot
Specks MacDiddles
Benjamin Feldermyer
Roger Lapew
Sarah Bubbles
Marty McDump
Chlorine Carmichael’s Mother
Markie MacGiggles
Magnificent Jones
Spinkz McCoy
Valeria Lafoot
Zingy Zanderlini
Judy Beyerstrom
Ingernelly Asp
Myopic Kate
Vince Valdarian
Turnelly’s Junkyard Hamster
Quasar Pottimas
The Angel Landsburyians
Dilly Dallyer
The Residents of Panhandler Pennsylvania
Father Ozzie
Rear Admiral Rasputin Riboflavin
Jake Spitzwater
Marlene Frappizio
Dr. Sarandon Rap
Pamela Darling
Smolden Farlington
Shelden Pilfington
Little Horribella
Nigel Cornhusker
Larry Flerd
Becky Slater

Yaard Flunder
Don Bunkley
Studs McCain
Charlie Center
Al One
Talligas Harrington
Don Deeble
Helen Henderdorkle
Miss Penelope
Pickles the Snake
King Tut’s Righ and left-hand man
Dr. Cartwheel


Until next time . . . I love you

58 thoughts on “Farewell to Thee — My Beloved 3 3 3

  1. A whimsical, touching goodbye to trifecta, as only you could have written it.

    (I still get to be a real boy after they’re gone, right?)


  2. Oh, WONDERFUL!! Did you really list all of your quirky characters?? Linda, it has been a real pleasure reading your Trifecta stories – you are consistently one of the funniest, and friendliest, writers out there. 🙂

    • Oh Christine! Thank you so much for your kind words! 😀
      And yes I think I listed most of them. It was fun going back and taking a look. Blogging just goes by so fast everyday, it’s fun to take some time to stop and look back! 😀

  3. Those dear people put such time and effort into critiquing others’ work… While I didn’t participate as much as the regulars I saw how much care they took… ‘a lot of reading week after week’ !…. Diane

    • Oh boy, they must have done some much reading — I just don’t know how they did it. But I think we’re all a little bit better writers because of them. They gave us a reason to stretch ourselves creatively.

  4. Oh how I will miss reading your weekly post to trifecta! Your writing flourished under the trifecta’s challenges and I know how much they meant to you!

    • Oh thank you honey! I admit, I’ve been kind of at loose end lately with my blogging. Who says the more things change the more they stay the same. No! It’s the more things change, the more everything’s different! 😀

  5. Your array is always fabulous, Linda! And that list, a stroke (or many) of genius.
    I’m so glad Trifecta steered you my way. Now I’ll have to keep up with your funny!

  6. Oh, I just had a wonderful jaunt through your character list. I remember many! You provide such levity when all we need, most times, is a smile and it could always be found here! Fun filled tribute!

  7. Hello Linda!This was once again a fab piece!You ,my dear are the Queen of a genre which very few can ,master and you do that with an ease week after week and it never fails to amaze me.To make others laugh is a gift and you my friend are blessed with that:-)Loved that you listed all those funny characters-someday I hope to go back and read all those fun tales.(at the risk -nah=pleasure of dying laughing).I have also had the privilege of interacting with the person in you and I must say it has always been a pleasure.Am sure we won’t lose touch and we will keep dashing into each other and reading and commenting on each other’s post more often than before,tc and love u Sis ((hugs)) xx

    • Oh Atreyee! You are so sweet! Thank you so much for your, kind, kind words! How lucky am I that I get to come here everyday and play with the some of the nicest most fun people I’ve met in my life thus far! Oh and there is no way we’ll lose touch, my friend! We are like minded and will never end up too far from each other of that I am sure! Love u too, Sis!! xoxo

  8. great tribute
    I’ve enjoyed reading your stories so much – Hope to see all those amazing characters again soon.

  9. Linda, this is fabulous – and I love that you listed your wonderful character names at the end! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face! You should come and check out the new short challenge at yeah write – the gargleblaster –it starts on Monday.

  10. So sad to say goodbye to all those wonderful characters you created! We adore you and your whimsical writing. We implore you to publish! I’d buy anything you wrote. Keep it up!

  11. What about having the contest or a variation of it here? I’m sort of a hands on kind of guy. When I first came here I had the wrong idea that I could place my 333 shtick here. It was fun. Then I found out it didn’t work that way. Interactive, interaction with the fans, Linda. But, then again, you’ve got a good thing going here, so . . .
    Alls I can tells ya is that I’d show up more often if there were activities of various sorts. Perhaps activities the likes of which Abrams many many many childerns would be engaged in. (Not the ones in Sodod, though)

    • Haha! Yes we don’t even want to know how those Sodom descendants filled the lonely hours of their biblical days!

      It’s sad to see the Trifecta challenge come to an end. It was sure fun while it lasted. And I wrote a lot of stories I would have never in a million years written otherwise — no matter how long they locked me in a room with the chimps and the typewriters!

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